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Meara Celebrates Bonnie's Birthday #2

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I don't care about the treat...get this silly hat off! NOW!

The indignity....

She flipped it off right after this shot. I'll post her happy photos later... ;-D


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Yes, Jana, she can be very pretty when she wants to be. She is a Border Collie and they are known for having a strong eye (that is how they control the sheep). She has a very strong eye which she uses with people!


Thank you Michell, Meara is a model and knows very well how to look and what to do face:-))


fodus, she wasn't thrilled. Meara puts up with a lot and is a good girl, but she does let you know by the look in her eye... LOL

*tee hee* Libby, you got it in one. Bet you try it with Callie-Lou.... ;-D

Thank you, veruka. Meara has the most liquid looking eyes and she does know how to use them to best advantage!

wilddog, she'd be happy if they came more often regarding the treats and cuddles and attention aspect...especially if there are toys involved. It's just those silly hats... :-)


Meara looks cute in the party hat. Luckily birthdays only come once a year.


so cute!


Some gals are partial to hats, and some to heels! Better not to wear the hat if it's wearing you! ;-)))


She doesn't look too happy with the hat!


LOL, Ardy, you got it. Mind you, it did have purple in it and that is her favourite colour. It's just the hat thing... ;-D


She is a purebred Border Collie, shendela, so no wonder you see a resemblance! Thank you for stopping in..


'Atta girl, Meara. Get rid of it. Doesn't match your furs anyway. Besides comfort is more important.

looks a lot like my collie