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February 2013 Storm: Please, Have a Seat!

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What? You don't want to sit? But this has such a small amount of snow on it! The bench is in a nice, protected spot under the eaves...


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Thanks, Ardy...I played with an existing frame shape and then filled and cut it all up to suit. (I just can't seem to get the knack of using things "out of the box".) Are you sure you don't want to rest your bones? We could probably loan you my son's big It does get harder to enjoy the cold weather and slippery conditions when we get older, isn't it? I do understand why my dad escapes to Florida for most of the winter! ;-D


2:03. Tied fr the bottom at this moment. Love the frame on your picture, Michelle. But I think I'll also pass on sitting on that bench. Thanks. Glad the younger dogs have a good time with it. Nice that someone can. :-))


Meara is fussy about being outside...she doesn't like it too cold or too hot or... (embarrassing - a Border Collie is supposed to be intrepid in all weather conditions). However...SNOW! Whoo hoo! All we do is call out, Meara...SNOW! and she comes running to go leap out into it. She loves to play and chase her little (bigger) brother, Darcy, around. It is funny to watch them, the snow flies everywhere!

(She handles going out for the "business" portion, especially since my son does clear and area down the side of the house and on the back patio. )

Darcy loves to go outside in everything except rain storms and would really like Meara to brave the elements with him... Snow and chasing snow balls is just great!

Bonnie has a much rougher time. One of us has to go out with her at all times to help support her, most especially when she has less grip. She likes the snow well enough but her poor old body just can't handle the cold...

I don't suppose you guys get much snow in Arizona (lol!). I wonder what Lando would think of it... ;-D


How does Meara like the snow? Did you have to shovel out an area for her to "do her business"?