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Montenegro another view for Madj and others too.

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Hope you like it. ♥


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Glad you had a good visit wither, family is important too. Sis is doing much better day by day now and is going to a Nursing Rehab place for a couple weeks and then hopefully home. Hugs and smiles for you my friend.♥


Thanks for posting this lovely picture for me Ginger. My sister from New Zealand was staying with me for 11 days and we were very busy going to all of the best sights around my area every day and so I didn't have any spare time. Sis left for home this evening so I now have time for Jigidi again. I have certainly missed it. I was very glad to read that your sister is doing well now. Hugs, Margaret


Dave, you're right it looks calm and friendly from here.☺


Yes one of the best views of Montenegro ever. Such a peaceful looking place to spend some time!


Why thank you IF. Nice to have you drop in. :o)


Wow, that's a nice view.


Thanks for dropping by Beekay. :o))


What a beautiful view. Thank you Ginger for posting this :-))


Oldandancient, like your name. This view is a good one isn't it. Thanks 4 stopping by.


Glad you liked it Dblay and will try to post some more this size.

I saw a couple search for a home in Montenegro on HGTV's House Hunters a couple days ago. The view was exactly like this. So gorgeous.


Wow!! I liked it. It is a beautiful picture and fun puzzle. I liked the size you used too. Thanks for posting this amazing picture.