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City By the Lake by Leonid Afremov (Medium)

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Oh heck ya that would be an AWESOME story to tell!! I really wish I lived in Boca...LOL!! :oD


I already checked him out before I posted. I was curious since you had SO many of his paintings. I read where his son went door to door in Boca Raton, Fla, selling his paintings and wondered. Could that be a coincedence? Looks like it was. It would be a really neat story!
Like...Oh yea. His son came up to my house and I bought one for 5 dollars and it's worth a million bucks now. And I just work for the fun of it now.


No, JC. Leonid Afremov is an artist I discovered on DeviantART a couple years ago and have followed ever since. He doesn't use a paintbrush, he uses only a palette knife and oils. I love his work! Here's a couple websites if you want to check him out:


Really neat paintings, Susie. Is the artist a neighbor, friend or relative?


Your very welcome Nancy :o)


Beautiful Susie thanks so much