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Double Delight Rose Kaleidoscope for Libby

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One of my favourite roses! I took the original photo several years ago at Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL. The rose that I manipulated is shown in the corner. The frame is a photo of weathered barn board. Still having fun!


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Found the queue jumper :-)
About converting resolution... I'm no expert here but I'd think that if you created an image at 72 dpi and then converted to 120 or whatever dpi that you'd lose quality. I'm assuming that it'd be better to start with a higher resolution and convert to a lower one. I'd need to research that to be sure.

Printing is better with a higher resolution image as a rule but if the print size is not huge then a lower dpi is not an issue. If the print is bigger than regular photo sizes than it needs the highest possible resolution to have good clarity. Also the format you save an image too makes a difference. We use .jpg as it compresses the data and makes for a smaller bit size than a .bmp for example. the issue with .jpg is that it loses quality the more times it is manipulated. In our normal everyday digital art or web site stuff it's not a concern but for serious stuff that will be printed in large sizes then the bitmap or .psd will keep quality. Pardon me if I'm preaching to the converted here... I don't know how much you know and don't want to overload you either :-)

Thank you for your kind words :-) Francine is a dear. She won't steer you wrong. When we encourage one another we learn a little about ourselves and the other person. Thanks to today's technology it's so much easier to learn new things and share our skills and talents.


I decided to bump one up the line so you can see it in the larger format...I can post it in about 4 hrs or so..


Thanks, Chrissie. I wondered if that was what you meant...I have been keeping mine in the square. After our previous conversation, I made a few more puzzles in over 2000 pixels but have still kept them square. They won't post for a few days though. I load them onto Jigidi as private so I just have to activate them when the 24 hour window is up. I was using the 120 dpi since I wanted to have the option to print them out. I suppose that I should work in the 72 and then convert when/if I need to? (I did get a request from a Jigidi-er for permission to print. Would this work for them in 72dpi?) I have already off-loaded the first dozen or so onto a thumb drive...I'd get heck from my daughter (it's her PC) if I slowed down her gaming time! (LOL)

I really appreciate this, Chrissie! You are experienced and knowledgeable and the fact that you are willing to mentor others speaks volumes about your character. (My fellow Ontarian, Francine, has been encouraging me to try my hand at this too.) And your sense of humour and fun is such a great bonus!! ;-D


A family can be so useful ;-) Thank you, Aunt!

OK, the 4 to 3 ratio thingy.... In order to get the maximum number of pieces (540) the image needs to be in a ratio of 4:3 - rather like the old TV screens. Basically if you start with 800 x 600 pixels that is a 4:3 ratio times 2. I often create an image sized 3200 x 2400 pixels (still a 4:3 ratio times 8). Once it has been 'jigged' the clarity of the pieces is very good and the actual physical size of the pieces is good too whether it's the 540 piece or 36 or whatever size. I don't know about your storage space (mine is moderate) but you may want to consider reducing the image size once it has been posted to conserve space on your hard drive. If you want to keep the full size images it might be good to save them to a thumb drive or external HDD. I try to back up my puzzle images (when I remember!) onto an external drive so I don't slow down my laptop by keeping them all on it. Some images are HUGE! I almost always work with 72 dpi resolution for creating digital art. I have my camera set to a much higher res in case I want to use a photograph in the artwork but you already are au fait with that :-)


I do have another one that I can dedicate to you, Monica, already waiting in the wings. I just checked the inventory. Be prepared, it's very different from this one! ;-D


er, um, Monica ... I did and you solved it!

However, a second one could be arranged now that we have colour choices...I'll see what I can do. I have an idea in the back of my mind anyhow... but you won't see it for about a week. I've only got about 24 of them sitting here in Jigidi waiting to post! (LOL) I was planning on keeping my other profile open for actual photos...the dogs are so popular with people!

Good morning, Chrissie. Nope, no barn in my back girl in Toronto that I am. However, having an aunt with a farm (old barns and farmhouse from the 1800's) certainly helps...

I haven't been working in actual pixels for the main kaleido but start with an 8 x 8 in square, resolution at 120 (most work out to be a little less than 1000 pixels). The frames are then 1200 pixels, same resolution. (I take most of my photos at high res so reduce them from about 460 to the 120 for the puzzles.) Given your comments re Libby's puzzle, I think that I will take your advice to her and start making them bigger (after this big lot it will be nearly a week before you see the difference.) I do have to ask what you mean by a 4:3 ratio... my mind is as blonde as my sleepy head today. (Too many very late nighters playing with this!)

My daughter, profile Bexter, is one of those who love the large puzzles but doesn't like this type anyway...she wants the dogs and scenery. I started doing larger myself but I don't have the time now that I have so many wonderful Jigidi friends puzzles to visit! ;-D


The colours are surreal, Michelle! Thank you. I suppose you have a weathered barn door conveniently located in your garden for these photo ops? LOL

A Q for you... what size image are you starting with? Curious minds like to know :-) I work with about 2000 pixels at least and have been using a 4:3 ratio so I can make the whopper 540 piece puzzles. Strange as it seems there are folks who relish 540 piecers!


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! They just keep on getting better and better! When are you going to dedicate one to me? :(:( Hint, Hint! I'm starting to feel left out here Michelle! Don't you love me anymore? L.O.L. Just kidding! But I would dearly love to see one in purples and pinks!!!! Hint, hint. :):)


And the creating keeps on happening, Jan. My creative mind went into free association mode when I was talking on the phone today to a good friend while making a kaleido. Free association of her and her qualities...the colour blue (her favourite), the dove (she's a very Christian lady and very much embodies all those positive qualities), her gold (blonde) hair... I ended up emailing it to her since she was my inspiration. It's waiting in the Jigidi queue to be posted much later (with 23 others at this moment in time and that number just keeps growing! Who said I need to sleep anyhow?) ;-D


Obviously you are having fun. But, the skills you are developing and showing us are a lot of fun, too. Thanks so much, Michelle. Today's set is wonderful!! :D


It was my pleasure, Libby! I am glad that you appreciated it... ;-D


WOW! What an amazing color...and what a lovely thing to do...thank you so much!!! Libby ;-)))


Thank you, Lesley. This is just the un-enhanced rose itself (after multiplication and brightening) so I can't take much credit for the colour here! It's just such a beautiful rose to start with. I just picked out the centre design that it made once spun around fourfold. I did wash the barnboard with a little more green to show off the pink in the rose but that was about it! Too easy when working with something that lovely to start with.


Lovely colours on this one Michelle.


Previous comment x 2, sweet lady! Thanks for being such a grand fan!


So pretty, Michelle! Thanks!