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The Cock Inn, Ide Hill, Kent. Photo by Stefan Czapski

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These are nice areas to live. I suppose it could be classed as a 'Stockbrokers Belt' where people can afford to buy large houses with swimming pools. Thank you 48 glad you enjoyed your tour today...Sue


both here and crockham hill seem to be in a more wooded and rural area, but looking on the satellite there are quite a few homes/buildings that sport swimming pools ... nicer neighborhoods it seems! Thanks for the set today sue - enjoyed the tour!


It does look quiet Denise, a lot of pubs don't open till noon that's when they start to serve food. I would love to see some of your old buildings Joyce, they must be similar to ours. Thank you...Sue


Must be early morning, its all quiet. I like this building.


Looks like it could be a building in this area!!! Not with those chimneys though!! Great puzzle, thanks Sue!! :))))
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