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Now, cut that out!

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Were these all off the cuff remarks? It's a darn shame if you ask me but then again who was masking?


Ahem, Daisyjune... you darted in here quickly. I think you buttonholed the thread with zippy speed.


Ah, QUILT your HEMming and hawing, lanty. I'm sure we can FABRICate some more PINS, I mean, puns.


Thank you all for your comments. :>)

SpudMother, you covered all the material I left undone, with puns baste on this sewing thread. Not a remnant is left, I guess.


I fully agree with Lanty! You've sewn this up before we had half a chance! Or maybe you want us to button our lips! It certainly would seam so!
I much preferred cooking to sewing. A sewing mistake endures forever, but a cooking mistake is swallowed and gone!
That being said, I made a ton of Halloween costumes for the kids over the years!
Thanks for this reminder!! Sure brings back memories!


Clever! Thanks, Oddio!


Yes, yellowgal, I have made many Barbie doll outfits, just because I like to create stuff. Our daughter wasn't interested in Barbies so I really didn't make them for her. The outfits may be tiny, but they take almost MORE work than "people" clothes, don't they?


That's not fair, Oddio! When you put all those comments on the pattern models you robbed Daisyjune and me of our chance for more bad puns!

Oddman, you may add my GROAN to the others, David is quite correct, you have special thing going there. But seriously, I used to really enjoy sewing with these patterns, I think I also remember patterns from McCalls? Never did the vests, but they look fairly easy. Any of you ladies get sewing the Barbie dolls outfits? Thanks for the memories, Mr. O . . . . we're available to add to The Walter Line of Men's Fashions.


It's a specialized talent...


Mr O, you're the only person I know who can squeeze four dreadful groaner comments into one picture of simplicity. Well done!


Good grief. Now I feel very old as I recognize these.

I'll bet I have quite a few with that price in my collection--especially children's patterns!


This is really OLD! Look at the price. Patterns are about $14.95 now! And fabrics are outrageous, too! No wonder I shop at thrift stores!


LOL I used to sew from those crazy patterns.


You mean you useta wear a vest??


Geesh. This brings back memories.