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Hand made kaleido

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This is my first hand made kaleidoscope from a puzzle I posted some time ago. Thanks to puzzaddled who told me it could be done :-)


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Thanks, clogdancer, that is a lovely compliment that warms my heart :-)


This is really beautiful and you feel drawn right into the heart of it! Thanks.


Thanks, Patti :-)


Very cool! Thanks, Foxy!


Robbie, old chap, your comment is wonderful! And perfect timing on your part for my next puzzle to be posted is titled "Robbie can name this"! I kid you not! I was stumped for a title and Sally said that you would know exactly what to call it :-) Thanks, mate!


That is not like you , whattie! Maybe a surfeit of snow really IS affecting you LOL. Of course, you can have a supply for bows - free!


Done and dusted, Shirley :-)


Hi foxy, looks like six court jesters touching hands while performing an intricate dance, jumping up and down on a soft quilted trampoline. Must be a wealthy king and queen looking on because the centre is adorned with the large hand cut emerald finished with golden edges! Another wonderful puzzle, thanks.


Goodness me, I looked at your puzzles yesterday and read the comments, but forgot to bookmark them to solve. Even worse, I then didn't notice as I started solving the various puzzles I had bookmarked. I could put it down to worrying about all the snow your non-Uncle didn't leave in my front yard, but that would be an untruth.

This is so gorgeous, I'd like to order several as bows for Christmas presents next year.


Oh goodie goodie, yes please Chrissie, I'm running low on ideas, need an injection of something new to try. Thank you Chrissie. :):)


Snooker dearest, it matters not what we understand. Having an eye for beauty is the better part. Thanks, dear friend :-)


Thanks, Katie, That's good to know as it shows the tutorial I used really is authentic as it mimics an old fashioned kaleidoscope :-)


Thanks, Shirley! Are you going to have a go at making them by hand? I'll send you a link to the videos I learned from if you like. I've made a few more but they aren't quite there yet. Need to practice a little :-)


Thank you, Mr O. Yes, it does have that seasonal colouration about it. Maybe I can kaleidoscope it again for next Christmas :-)


Kirsten, dear girl, you leave me lost for words at times.. quite often, in fact! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To hear this from the Great Kaleido Connoisseur is praise indeed :-)


Lovely. Don't know exactly what you are all talking about but it is beautiful.


Wow! This is stunning Chrissie! This really reminds me of the kind of image created when turning a hand-held old fasioned kaleidoscope!


Oh this is exciting, hand made kaleidoscope, you are one very clever lady our Chrissie, Fantastic, can't wait to see more of these beauties, Thank you Chrissie. :):)


Such an interesting design, Foxy. And it looks like you might bring it out again at Christmastime.


Oh BLISS!!!! I have a big dumb smile on my face like new love or one too many wines!! (maybe it's both. LOL) This is truly one of the most gorgeous kaleidos I've ever seen, Chrissie. Really. And made even better by knowing how you handcrafted it. Thanks soooooooo much. :))))


Thanks, Michelle! It's all down to you for telling me it could be done. The depth in this one comes from the original image which I created in a 3D programme. The centre 'gemstone' is a layer style you can use in Elements. Pretty soon you will be snatching the pebble out of my hand, Grasshopper :-)


Neither did I, Gaillou! I hadn't known they could be made them manually until Michelle (puzzladdled) told me she was making them like that. I looked for some tutorials and chose the easiest :-) There are tutes for lots of different software programmes like Photoshop etc.


It's beautiful, Chrissie! You've got the glass look down that I keep trying to achieve and your 3D and the beautiful colours and floral forms! Do you know, as I look deeper, they could also be hummingbirds sipping nectar from a beautiful flower (which would suit this week's theme too).

Grasshopper thanks you, Master! ;-D


Okay, now I'm really impressed. I make kaleidoscopes using the filters. I wouldn't have the foggiest notion how to do it from scratch!


Thanks, Gaillou. You are correct - I have been creating puzzles for a long time - around about three years now. This is the first kaleidoscope I have created from scratch as opposed to using filters which generate images automatically. The original puzzle was titled "In a galaxy far, far away".


Okay. Now I'm confused. I thought you have been creating puzzles for a long time.


I'm impressed.This is a beautiful first effort. What was the original?