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Mohair Jacket - From my Spinning and Weaving Days

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This Jacket was woven on an 8 shaft Table Loom from Mohair spun and dyed from my own Angora goats, after sewing and lining the jacket, I knitted the bands and cuffs.


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Thank you, gnt.


very nice set shirley :)


I have always sewn, that's the quick part, I've always enjoyed crafts,Thanks Jan.


Ank, you do a wonderful job of expressing how you feel, I understand completely, I spun the mohair first, then I dyed it, but you can dye it before you spin it, It's a lot of fun to spin and equally as much fun to weave the fabric. you would enjoy it Ank, Thank you ank.


It was very enjoyable, to work with fibers I had grown, I have always sewn so that was the quickest part. Thanks Pat.


Gee Shirley, we are all impressed. I make a big deal of hemming up a part of Brad's pants.


Pity, but I can't find the right words to tell how very much I like this. It's real beautiful, and all the work. From goat to jacket. At what moment do you paint the wool? Befor or after spinning? I think you are great Shirley, all the things you can do. So creative and talented. I think I would find fun weaving. Thanks.


This is so cool Shirley. That would be so much fun to do this. I have made jackets but never woven the material first...


Oh Chrissie if I only had half the energy now, that I had back then, I'd be a happy person, where does it go? Thank you, Chrissie, for your heart warming compliment. :):)


Shirley, you are the most consummate crafter I know. You leave me slack-jawed at your many accomplishments! You must have had so much energy you could have spared some to feedback to the power grid :-)


Thank you, Rob, but no more so then a lot of others.


Such a talented lady!!! Thanks for showing us Shirley.


Yes, pumpkin, we breed Angora Goats for several years, until the sales of Mohair fell away so badly ( I had Mohair In Brisbane for two years with not sale for it) we gave up. I still have the jacket, I pulled it out of storage last night to take this coloured photo of it for you. Thanks pumpkin.


Sure is, Jacques, Thanks.


You raised your own goats as well? You are an amazing artist! This jacket is breathtaking! Do you still have it?




Thank you, Patti, nice to look back at things we did in the past!


Wow! That is very impressive! Thanks, Shirley!


Thank you, Nanax4, I haven't worn it much, it has never been unpacked from our last move, which was 5 years ago, until last night, would be nice to have our youthful energy now, in our later years.


Very nice! You certainly are talented, Shirley! It's neat that you still have it.
Yes, I remember when I had that much energy! LOL! Thanks for sharing!


You're so sweet, Francine, Thank you.


Thank you, chookies, I don't recall the exact time it took, but the spinning and plying of the mohair would have taken the most time, my guess it would have taken about 3-4 months, Yes I still have it, the coloured insert picture was taken last night, and added to the picture of the lady modeling my jacket at a Mohair fashion parade. Oh I did have so much energy back then.


You're good! Thanks for sharing with us.


Thank you, chickiemama, did take some time, loved spinning and weaving with a group of ladies from our area.


Shirley, how long did it take you to make this jacket and do you still have it? I can imagine how warm it is, especially if it's lined as well. You certainly are very, very talented!


Wow shirley! That's a lot of work. You are very talented.