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Puppy Meara meets Beatrix Potter

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mhughes69, that is exactly what she wanted! A few moments later, Potter (who had been used to being a solitary house rabbit -- litter box trained so she could bop around freely) came out and met Meara and they clicked right away. Meara would chomp any parts of "big" human that came within range of those razor sharp baby teeth but never once even tried to nip Potter. She seemed to know not to hurt the bunny from step go and, in fact, Potter would train her how to play! Thanks again, gs!


It looks like Meara is asking Beatrix Potter to come out and play with her! They are both adorable!


Aaaaaaaaaaw! Both are cuties. :D


The introduction of the new puppy to the young Mini Rex doe (which is why she is in the cage). Potter is the older of the two and is the alpha animal in the house. True! (You should hear a bunny growl...) At the time of this photo, it was only the two of them and they became great pals. Meara was always very gentle with Potter and to this day is very good with small and young animals (including human babies).