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10* The Andrews Sisters

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Well that's great, Joe, I'm glad you 'tuned in' not being able to sleep. Nostalgic then for you, with your mom being a singer too - that's really nice. When I saw the Boogie Woogie Video of the Sisters singing, I thought, "got to share that, it's such a classic". Thanks for guessing anyway, you see, 18th January 2014 you became the day's "Do You Remember" winner and entered Starlord's Eternal Hall of Fame. Not many people can claim that you know. :)))))


.@Lady C.... I wouldn't be on the list. Although I've known many of the puzzles I am never awake at 3am to guess :) Couldn't sleep last night and caught them right after they were posted.
Grew up listening to 40s and 50s music as they were my moms favorites. She was a radio singer in the 40s here locally (Ohio).
Have a great day!


And woop woop - it's ten star for the Andrews Sisters


wjl1015, very remiss of me ! I was out and about this morning and it occurred to me that I didn't check Starlord's Eternal Hall of Fame for you. You do not appear to be in this exclusive enclave but today - congratulations, you join the illustrious few - welcome and please accept my apologies for the oversight :))) woo hoo


Wonderful DYR and great song too, thank you :-))


Just good fun!


Good Evening RJ and thanks :o)


Good morning, Lady C and DYR lovers. I'll enjoy listening to this - everyone knows the music of the Andrews Sisters even if you weren't around then!


Good morning Mister Don :o)


Well good morning everyone and well done wjl1015 it is indeed the Andrews Sisters
They were an American close harmony singing group (LaVerne Sophia, Maxine Angelyn and Patricia Marie "Patty"). Throughout their long career, the sisters sold well over 75 million records. And the link for today ? Oh yesss you guessed it – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – hey have a look at this, they dont make ‘em like that any more !!


Blimey...going back a bit here :) Where is Starlord when you need him :)
Good morning Lady C


Andrew Sisters?