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Violet-backed Starling

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Thanks Monica.


Such a perfect shot you can even see the spider webs on the branches! Thanks Rob, for such amazing shots!...Monica


What starlings aren't that way Nicky :))) I bet these are too - thanks.


Fabulous! Can hardly believe my eyes! Our starlings here in England are dull by comparison, although they do have greeny-blue iridescent feathers when viewed up close, but they are a quarrelsome bunch.


Thank you art4sight - I'm pleased you enjoy them.Thanks for commenting :))
Thanks Meadowhawk - ours are boring & Obnoxious too!!
So glad you like this one gnt - thanks.
Thanks for the info Heidi.


Loveydear.... The Starlings found in the US are some of my favorite birds. Why? Not only are they gorgeous with those ''field of stars'' markings, but they're the only bird in the US that eats Japanese Beetles. They make great pets as well, and are full of personality, being very closely related to the Mynah. They can even be taught to talk!!!


I was a birder for many years but never had the chance to see this beauty.....what a great bird with such rich color...........FANTASTIC PIC.....


What gorgeous colour! Ours have interesting winter colours - but they are so obnoxious. Must be easier to forgive these ones though! :D


Stunningly beautiful. I don't thank you as much as I should, robryan, but I thoroughly love these photos. Each one is a mini nature study class! Thank you!


Thanks tex - my pleasure!


Wow, this one is a sight to see, Rob! Gorgeous bird, and I can imagine a whole flock of them at once! Thanks for this and all the interesting ones you post.


But loveydear, just think how pretty it would be to see a flock of 50 of these beautiful birds flying over. :)


Thanks lyndee :))) I thought you'd prefer birds!!
Thanks Shirley.
Thanks chookie.
This one is only found in sub-Saharan Africa loveydear, so you'll just have to make-do with the messy locals!! Thanks.


Beautiful coloring, but if it's a starling, and it's as prolific as ours are, it wouldn't matter. Our starlings are a real nuisance because there are so many and they leave a big mess wherever they go.


Wow, it sure is a colorful looking bird - thanks rob:)


I've never seen a prettier bird, wow those colours, Thanks Rob.


Birds are prettier than bugs Robyn. :-))))