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Bonnie with a Dirty Nose!

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I was going through a card from a defunct camera and got surprised by photos that I don't even remember taking back in 2008.

Here's our charming Bonnie girl after she decided to dig and poke around in some dirt outside. I laughed when I saw this remembering how she looked. She seemed so proud of herself! I took the photo before I cleaned her off and got her looking more like her bonnie, Bonnie self.


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Thank you for the kisses, Jana. Give them belly rubs from me! (It is 5:30 pm here now.)


Now there's 8 pm tonight for you around noon? Bonnie find good people and it is good that you are all satisfied and happy. Dog girls sent you and Bonnie kiss:-), and we wish a nice day .


Good morning, Jana. (It is morning, here...) I'm glad that you understand how funny and fun it is to see a dog enjoy itself, dog mom! She never had the opportunity to play until she came to live with us so it did my heart good to see her start to settle in and reveal her sense of humour (and she does have one). When this photo was taken, she had only been with us for six months and still hadn't fully blossomed. I just told her that you said "hi" and gave her a cuddle...she's lying against me right now. You give your little ones belly rubs from me too! ;-D


Beautiful photo, beaitiful Bonnie, give her a kiss for me on the forehead and maybe touch her, thank you Michele, Jana


I thought that you would, Faye. You love the pup dogs and have a good sense of humour about them too. I'm glad to hear that your back is feeling a bit can really drag you down when you can't move or get comfortable. On a whim, I just waved at you...did you see it? ;-D


Love this picture! back is easing up so that I can catch up on some puzzles...your "award winner" is next! :)))


:* and *hugs* to you too, Jan! We gotta love our split-faced girls, don't we?


No matter what, Bonnie is as sweet as her beautiful face. Thanks so much, Michelle!


Amen, Faye. I couldn't have said it any better. *hugs* to you in memory of your little ones, my friend.


I agree, Michelle. We took whatever pup God offered us. "Candy" was 10-12 years old, unspayed, with deteriorating vision, when we rescued her. We had our little shih tzu for nearly seven years and she was just what we needed as "our" first dog together. "Coffee" (both came with their original names and we wouldn't change them as their identity was all they had!) was only one year old when we adopted her and we had her for almost 13 years. Tears are still present at times (like now) when I think of her but we would have adopted her whatever age she was. Some of these rescue dogs, like Bonnie, deserve at least few years of love and comfort from people that really believe in their intrinsic worth.


Or an older dog who needs a good forever home, Monica! Bonnie was our first experience with bringing a mature animal into our home and I can't really express properly how rewarding this has been. I would certainly do it again!

Thanks for coming and playing with Bonnie too, Ank!


That was nice playing


Oh Michelle, you make me want to go out and adopt a puppy right now! Bonnie is so very pretty, even with dirt on her nose.


I can only agree with you Hester... I feel that we have given her the opportunity to enjoy her life and have as much fun as we could provide for her.

I'd love to see a photo of you with a nose like this Jacques!

buckeye, she is in the twilight of her life now and each day is precious to us . She has her moments of pure joy though, you can see that in the following photo taken while we were on a family walk down by the lake. The younger two dogs (her offspring) were able to walk and run for the whole distance, but she gets tired. But she still loves to be part of the action, so a solution had to be found:

Bonnie certainly more than earned it having been physically abused in her very early life and then when rescued away from that (when she was 2) was used as a breeding bitch until she was 9. She threw a lot of working champion dogs and was fed and comfortable but was not a house dog (or even house broken) before we had her. Since she couldn't earn her keep as a working dog (she had been ruined for this by the man who had physically abused her), the breeder used her frequently as a breeding bitch and she is one of the backbones of his bloodlines. We do not blame him (the situation is very complicated and he is a good person) and are grateful that he called us looking for a home for her because she was not recovering from her final litter and he was afraid that she would not survive the rest of the winter (Feb 2008). At the time, we were hoping that she would survive and live in comfort for a year. Well, we're rising 5 years with her in our lives and it still doesn't seem long enough. We all have fallen in love with her and so do most people who meet her (even non-dog people too). We feel blessed to have had her come into our lives.


This is so charming! And I hope she's still having fun like this.


my nose is also dirty, so my wife call me Jacques with the dirty nose!


This is a dog who is learning to love life! Dogs live and breathe to be happily muddy. Goodness knows, I own a huge canine mop! Lovely photo! :-))


I knew that you would appreciate it, Faye! It does my heart good to see it... ;-D


My oh my, that was FUN!!! Being a tom girl is great! :DDD


Yes, she is at that, matter how dirty! (I give her kisses every day now...I want to get in as many as I can...). She was just so proud of herself too,here! This was taken in September of that year...and what a change in her whole demeanor from when she first came to live with us. It did my heart good, I must say.

Dave, she definitely was satisfied! (And so were we.) Her prior history before coming to live with us did not encompass an easy life so to see her blossom and actually getting into a little "normal" dog trouble was such a thrill. A job well done indeed!


Feet are pretty clean, must not taste to bad, but mainly there is that look of satisfaction. A job well done!


Kissable Bonnie. ..:)