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Wyman Meinzer's wolfers camp, 12-24-75

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Oh, PotatoMum, Walter would not think of preparing a meal for others! I particularly found the idea of using rock salt interesting. I've tried rock salt before... it really didn't improve the taste of the rocks....


PhG - The wolves were thinking it was useful? OH! Duh - I finally got it. Well, yes, I suppose they did!! :)
As for the cooking tips, well, it seems you spend a lot of time on the road, but you also enjoy a fine feast when you can, so it just seemed a natural fit.

Mr. O - I didn't really think you yourself would be so inclined - too much of a gentleman. I was thinking it might appeal to Walter.


Spuds the wolves were thinking it was useful but that was then and this is now. I love the cooking tips this will save a lot of time next year.


OK, on closer inspection of the completed puzzle, I can see that you're right. So enlighten me, Mr. O. Were the wolves hunted for a bounty or was/is there a use for wolf fur?


Yes, I'm sure these are wolves. This was in west Texas, and I think the fox population is about nil in that area. Now, in the human world, wolves are generally out lookin for foxes, and that's just about anywhere.

PotatoMum, the video you provided is wonderful! Full of great ideas, and sure to get me invited back next year. :>)


While we're chewing on that (choke!!), here is a clip that put me in mind of Mr. O - and PhG. Enjoy!


I was wondering the same thing, Lanty!


I'm a bit confused. If it's wolfer's camp, then wouldn't these unfortunates be wolves rather than foxes? (Foxymoron, you would therefore have nothing to fear!)


Apparently these foxes didn't live up to their reputation for being cunning!


Not that great for the fox but not too bad for the trapper.
Like is said,"Ham and eggs, a days work for the chicken a lifetime commitment for the pig".


I don't think this was in their plan.

(Notice the date. "What a way to spend Christmas.")


They are not having a good day, are they?