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Santa from long ago...

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I remember this simple little Santa being on my Grandparent's tree my whole life. My dad says it was the same for him and thinks that my Grandma had this little fellow before she was married. He's a simple little pipe cleaner fellow with a painted face. I have added a closeup detail of this.

He is carrying a small evergreen tree (the colours have faded with the years).

A memory ornament to share with you!


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This is the only old one I have and I do cherish it. I am glad that you appreciate it too, Sandy.

Hope that you enjoy a wonderful day, today!


I love it puzzaddled2. I have a couple of old ones like these. Didn't bring them out this year.


Yes it is, Francine. I cried when my aunt gave it to me for Christmas last year. I had forgotten about him yet as soon as I saw him, the memories flooded back!

Angelbender, I never even thought of that! Now that you say it, I can see that he might be given the look of his face. Wow! Takes new eyes to see something new yourself. Thank you.

It is interesting that Santa has a halo instead of a stocking cap. I will bet it was made in Germany.


Special ornament.