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Psychedelic Suns!

80 pieces
174 solves
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Put on your dark glasses before solving this puzzle! LOL

New title, courtesy of Katie. Her's was better!


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Thank you Diane! Your exuberance is fun! I appreciate you remarks very much!



Mariasha - You were a child of the 70s, right? You remember these images! Sorry the warning came too late! LOL
Thanks for the smile!

LOL, I just saw your warning...if I'd only seen it before I started! My eyes are swirling around! Thanks for the retina


It will be a good day after I run a few errands - passport photos, etc! Thanks for your comments. I am thrilled that you found this joyful! You have a great day, too!


Fun, Jan. I thought it would be more difficult but it was plain JOY. I love it when others appreciate what you do in creating these delights. You know I do. Thank you. Hope this is a good day for you.


WOW! What a wonderfully sweet thing to say, Iammjc!!! Thank you so very much! (blushing and smiling now) I'm guessing that you like the "pop" of color and the simplicity of the design.
For this puzzle I used a starburst shape from clip art and I applied colors and arranged and framed it.
Thank you again. I am so glad you had such fun with this one!! Jan


That was the BEST puzzle I have ever done - it was so vibrant and alive!!! Loved it - did you create it yourself?? Thanks for posting.