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Adonis Learns The TRUTH!......

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Don't worry, he'll just try to find his way until the show is over then he'll come back and have some popcorns with us - don't you think so??


I do hope there won't be a custody battle for KBoy. He would get so confused trying to decide who he liked best. she would obviously pretend to him that she was all nice and comforting. He is in need of some tender mother love. Best hope is that he remains lost in space.


Way to go Wicca, want some more chili?!




Poor birdie!! Say something Wicca, please!!


Ya think?!!!!


Oh dear....she must be in B-I-I-G TROUBLE!!....


Attention everyone. Please DO NOT give Wicca anymore popcorn! She's starting to look like Bubba!


Hungry-Hanne.......popcorn and sugar smacks on their way.....
Bubba-the-knife....I believe the crashed craft is the result of Hippolytus' lack of experience in landing on other planets......
was-shining.......well, now his daddy is coming over also, as well.....for a family reunion......


Oh My!!
What an odd turn of events!
Yes ...Popcorn Please !!!!


darn, it's bedtime and I don't have time to get to grips with Ethelbert, the Unready, well named. Never could decide if he was Arthur or Martha now its Ethel or Bert, poor wee laddie I blame it on the mothers


I have the butter and salt.....What's with the crashed buggy Lela?


But of course - what else?? Yes please, the popcorns for me too!!


Actually, she speaks the truth!....
Kaleidoboy's daddy, Kaleidodaddy (son of Dudley, and Henrietta Tips - daughter of the tea merchant P.G.Tips) had a brief affair with CLOG, which resulted in the birth of a love-child, who she named Ethelbert........
Kaleidoboy is not, and never was, a Bugosi!....
(I have sent him a text message to inform him of this revelation......he is still on the wrong planet...).


Oh my!!


Oh Kaleidoboy!! Do not come here. Don't believe CLOG. She is evil and trying to claim you for her own. You are a Bugosian. Do not listen. PD pass the popcorn this truly is exciting.


Oh my stars and garters! Pass the popcorn--this is getting exciting!


This evening, uncle Adonis wandered off for a stroll and came face to face with.......CREEPYLITTLEOLDGRANNY!!
The brave Adonis muttered something like "shame about the face" an instant he was struck down, as the evil CLOG pointed her index finger at his mouth!........
Upon recovering, he asked her what it was she wanted from us - her reply was as unexpected as her svelte figure:-
"I simply wanted to see my son!"
Adonis:- "But who is your son"
Evil CLOG:- "My son is called Ethelbertus.......known to you as....... KALEIDOBOY!"......
(I think the expression on the face of uncle Adonis is enough to show his reaction to this news).......