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old church

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This old Church of Christ / Community Building in Hopper, Arkansas is over 100 years old. Services continue these days in a much more modern building next door. Hopper is on the edge of the Ouachita National Forest, near Norman and a few miles west of Caddo Gap.


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Happy Easter! This is my favorite singer, Marisa Monte, I hope you enjoy the link!

You've said it well, lanty, there really is so much drama in this scene.
Oddio : this is perfect for the story of Easter; may you & yours have a blessed HAPPY EASTER !!!


This really evokes a mood-- the cloudy sky, the well-worn church-- the photo is lovely and has so much drama to it. Thanks!


What a beautiful photograph. It has so much depth. I feel as if I could touch it and go right through it.
It is so clear. Just love it... thank you oddio.


We were going south home to Las Cruces from Albuquerque (NM, USA) and just before the road dropped off the mesa, the setting sun shone under heavy storm clouds like those in the picture and lit up the countryside as far as you could see in just such a way. Traffic pulled off to the sides of the highway just to rest a minute and bask in that "magic glow" on the desert. Everything the light touched was made most beautiful from the sandy dirt to the mountains. I'll not forget that trip. This picture reminded me and I thank you.


Nice one, oddio. Thanks


Great puzzle. Thanks, Oddio.


It wowed me too! I love the light and sky -- well, it's all perfect. Thank you Oddio!


Great photo of a great old church ...........


Add my Wow too. I thought this was a painting until I worked the puzzle. Great photo makes a great puzzle. Thanks.


Wow! What a beautiful photo of this wonderful old church.