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Juniper Icicle

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I saw this little icicle low down on a juniper bush while out for a walk today and had to snap a photo to share, since I've been showcasing our snowy February storm.


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Thank you Jana! I'm going to try to stay relatively healthy but two of my family have horrible colds right now. Ah well, it's winter and that's par for the course. Hugs in return!


Thank you Michelle for a beatiful photo :-) Stay all health :-))), big hug for dogs and for you from me :-)))


LOL, Dave! But at least you have a decent camera, I would think, so a shot or two might have done it. My cheapie point-and-shoot did NOT want to cooperate in the cold and kept hiding....and my hand got soooooo cold! Ah well, the things we do for our "art", lol!


I might have laughed at you to Michelle-No I would have probably been right down there with you. "Are you low enough? Do you have the green behind it? Good. Good."


Thanks, for both your lovely comments, Patricia! It was worth bending down to the ground to get it, while it was still ice. It will have melted by today.


ps. forgot to mention. I like the framework. Rather stylish.


This is so beautiful. It's like an icicle hanging just outside one's window. What a good image.


Ardy, you would have laughed if you saw me. Hubby was holding onto Meara's leash (we were taking pix of her in the park which I'll post later), and my thrummed mitten while I was trying to get down low enough and hoping that my walking stick wouldn't slide out on me... He was a bit nervous for my safety but also shaking his head...he knows me too well!

So glad that you noticed the framing too. I usually spend quite a while trying to get an effect that pleases me. The frame is much more complicated that it looks in terms of colours and highlights on the separate components... Thank you! btw - re my comments to texasstar...keep your eyes open for the "painted" version...


BTW I've been back to neighbor's roof and taken care of my end. Wondered why it wasn't posted yet. LOL


That's a wonderful icicle. You have done well getting down to low icicle level. Love your framing. Thanks, Michelle. Rainy and cold today. Think I'll stay in.


Thanks, texasstar! (You can call me Michelle, btw.) I liked this so much that I decided to see if I could morph it, digitally, into a "painting". I'll be posting the result in a day or two under my other persona.


Snowy and showy! Great pic, Puzzaddled!