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Artistic: Suzy's Avatar (small)

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When I saw Suzy's new avatar, I was immediately inspired to borrow it and manipulate it to create painterly effects. The siren call of Spring was just too alluring for me to deny. She graciously allowed me to post this publicly and told me that the original is a picture of Monticello, VA (Jefferson's home). Sometimes, it all comes together in my mind's eye so quickly and this was one of those times.

Thank you again, Suzy, for inspiring me and allowing me to share this with everyone.


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One of those moments when I was just driven to play with someone else's photo. I'm grateful that Suzy let me play with it and I'm so happy that you got to visit it this year. ☺♥


I missed this last year. Michelle, it's full of the wonder of springtime and the beauty of flowers and trees with their spring colors. Thanks for giving me a second chance. It's beautiful.


Wow, thank you, Mary! I'm so very flattered by your kind words. :-)


Thank you so much, Shirley! I thought that it made a nice painting too...such a pretty photo.


I think this is the best one you have done so far Michelle,absolutely gorgeous.Thanks.


I thought I recognized this pretty avatar of Suzy's, as soon as it popped up, makes a very nice painting. Thanks Michelle.


Oh, Suzy, I am flattered! I am going to look at re-working it for printing for you (since I had only posted at screen resolution) and I'll share it with you via email, if you'd like. ;-D


Thank you so much, Francine! That is exactly the way that I felt when I saw it and wanted to accentuate the depth of the original photo. I wanted to draw the eye in since I, too, wanted to wander through that lovely scene. ;-D


Want you to know I copied, pasted and printed this out. It is now hanging on the wall by my computer. You have done magic with this! Thanks so much! Suzy


Stunning, Michelle. I just want to pop into your image and stay there. What a contrast with today's large-snowflake-snowy day! Thanks. (1:45)


The softness was already in the original photo and was one of the things that "drew" me to it...that and the gorgeous colour. It is truly a beautiful photo and is a work of art in itself. With such good "bones", it seemed such a perfect photo to convert into a painting and I couldn't resist doing so, for my own enjoyment. As usual, I popped what I "saw" but did try to stay true to the original. Borrowing it from her was chutzpah on my part, I know. I posted it as a private puzzle with the link for Suzy and she was so nice to allow me to share it with everyone. I do like it! (And yes, one of my customized frames created with the colours from the pic-painting.)

Monica, don't belittle yourself about not having the words to critique art. You don't need them. All you need to know and express (and only if you want to) is whether you like it or not...appreciating art is a very personal experience anyway. I've heard and read professional critiques praising art that, quite frankly, leaves me cold. And vice versa. I do enjoy your enjoyment with my pieces here!


Thank you very much, Hanne. Did you see her original photo, below? I actually worked from the avatar in Suzy's profile and really, really enlarged it to work with it. It "called" to me... :-)


Ohhhhhhh it's truly wondrous Michelle! I love the softness of this one! Oh, I wish that I were better able at describing the beauty of art and what it is exactly that I see, but I guess I'm kind of limited in that area of art! You'd think after being raised by an oil painter that it would have given me at least a tiny bit of experience in critiquing art, but sadly, no! L.O.L. I want so much to be able to do justice to your beautiful works of art, but can't seem to come up with the pretty words to do so! Tis' very frustrating my friend!


Ohh, it's elegant!! Thanks so very much Michelle!!


Thanks for clarifying this, Suzy! (You might get some hard snow pellets...we had some late this afternoon, evening. Nothing in accumulation though. Thought that I'd send it down for you!)


Thanks for enjoying this, PJ. Suzy shares a similar climate to mine so we are all vicariously enjoying the spring here.


Puzzlejan....This was taken a number of years ago at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello in Virginia. Right now we are brown, and grey, with patches of snow and ice! Soon!!!!


Oh Michelle - so lovely, great use of painterly effects. Well, someone on Jigidi is enjoying spring - the rest of us will have to wait.... So nice to look at nice puzzles.


Oh, thank you, Suzy! I will do so tomorrow (when Jigidi "lets" me). When I saw your avatar, I just had to borrow it to play and it all came together so quickly. (I managed to do the changes in about an hour, including creating the frame, which has got to be some sort of record for me! LOL) It had all the elements to allow me to see the result in my mind's eye.


AND, that I have solved it....WOW! Looks like a wonderful watercolor!! Again...I am honored.


Well, I just LOVE this! You have made a simple picture from Monticello, VA (Jefferson's home) a real thing of beauty! YES! Please post it! I am honored!! Thank you, Michelle!