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A true animal lover and dedicated to his faithful friend

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Thankyou Sherry and Janine , it's interesting when I read comments , Mary .

What a pretty dog......and such a wonderful story. God Bless Schoep and John. They
take care of each other. Thank you Mary and jojosmom, God's Blessings to you too,
for the info....Janine.


Thank you, puzzlerqueen, for posting this touching puzzle. I hope this information was helpful as well as welcome. Sherry


Thankyou for information jojosmom417 .


Sorry, I misspelled the dog's name. It should be Schoep. His website is


This is John and his dog Shoep. He's had Shoep since he was a puppy, but Shoep has developed severe arthritis, so John takes him out into the lake on warm summer evenings so the warm water and its buoyancy give Shoep enough relief that he can fall asleep in John's arms. I found all this online. There are many more photos of them. I understand John's friend, who took these photos, had many orders for copies and they were able to raise enough mony to give Shoep the best care and therapy to help his arthritis. What a guy, huh?

Thank goodness for owners like him!!!!!