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Gonna Have a Bumper Crop of Cherry Tomatoes!

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Both pots are loaded! Had to give them extra support. Farmer Carol?


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Won't be long now Carol you'll soon have some.
Our 2 tomato plants are only about a foot high.
I hope we get some before the snow fly's again.


You sure are right about that....compared to the supermarkets... :)


Thanks Annetta! Flkatz, I don't think I will have that big of a harvest.....but, will have many.....and they are indeed delicious compared to what a supermarket a candy when you just pluck and eat!?


Nice tomatoes!!


I sure am glad you have them and not me! ha ha ha! I planted 2 in the ground, in the garden a few years back, and Carol, I know this one I had to get over 2000 (two thousand) off of easily. I had neighbors taking them, I was eating them, giving to the family, oh, they were delicious, but I found it most hard to try to freeze them to for spagetti sauce, soups, etc. I gave up on that one.

The good new is, maybe since you have them in pots that they won't get as large as mine did in the ground. The look super good. Then, on the other hand, you could supply the restaurant you work for, :))))

The best of happy eating to you Farmer Carol!