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Meara Celebrates Bonnie's Birthday #1

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Okay, so maybe she isn't so thrilled to wear the party hat. But it was her momma's birthday! You can do it, Meara!


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*sigh* Yes, Faye, it is when my people make me do things like this! LOL


I is hard! :D


Francine, we were brought up believing that dogs only saw in black and white. Well, that has been disproved; they are colour blind to some degree (they are dichromatic rather than tri-chromatic like we are) but I've known enough dogs who show preference for certain colours, that I've never believed that they can't distinguish by colour alone. Our first Border Collie had a whole pile of toys (as an only dog) and many were the same ones but in different colours. If you asked Kyla to bring you the red "holey" (holey roller) as opposed to the blue or green or white one, she would bring you the red one. Ditto for the other colours. No mistakes, either, and no visual cues since we used to practice doing this while the toys were in a different room. Jessie obviously preferred red to the other colour. (What he saw as red, we don't know, since blue and yellow are their primaries. However, with their higher proportion of rod cells, I imagine that the light intensities are also a cue. After all, we could distinguish differences in those dear old days of black and white films!)

Meara got more treats, Jan, than the other two since she doesn't have the digestive issues (as least yet). However, it was all the good chicken breast anyhow, so good and healthy. Singing just makes her head for her toys...she wants to play catch or fetch or frisbee rather than However, once that hat came off, she really hammed it up for the camera!


Meara is doing her best to look happy, but it just isn't happening! Oh well. At least she got some treats and sang Happy Birthday! :D


Meara has attitude that's for sure. I'm still amazed dogs actually have colour preferences. [Mind you, our Jesse had one particular two-toned dumbbell toy that he always picked up on the red side.]


We crossed, Ardy! (She did get some good treats afterwards. Wait til you see the post hat pictures...happy plus!) She is an awfully good dog...but then, Bonnie is her mum!


She is a very high strung Border Collie but is very fierce in her affections so we can't help but think she's a sweetheart. Very bright to boot, but that's the breed. Her moo cow expression is definitely because she feels put upon about the hat. She does like to wear some dog clothing long as it's pretty and feminine! Purple is her favourite colour. Go figure...I'd have a dog more girly than I am. lol!


Hang in there, Meara. There better be an extra dog biscuit waiting for you for putting up with this. Good dog.


Poor Meara. LOL She looks like a sweetheart.