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February 2013 Storm: Snow on the Roof!

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And here I thought that was a euphemism for grey hair!

This had a really cool swoop to it.

My son told me that I missed the really good look: it went all the way down and met the snow that had risen up on top of the truck. It fell before I got to see it...rats...he didn't think to take a picture.

The photos have only been cropped and not otherwise edited. That was the colour of the sky today; for us northerers, a return of colour does portend spring.


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Jigidi U comes through again? LOL ;-D


Glad there's no damage. That is interesting about the insulation. Makes sense. :)


Thanks, Patti! No, this isn't enough snow load to damage. Our roofs have to meet building codes to allow for some load. And luckily, it's melting fairly quickly. Interesting note: snow on the roof means that you have proper insulation in your house. If it melts too quickly, that is a sign that heat is escaping from your roof and you should re-insulate your attic.


Beautiful!!! I hope there is no damage!


Bright sunshine right now! (I'll be kind and not post a picture of three people chatting along the river sans hats, scarves, or gloves.) :DDD

One year at Whistler the snow did this and actually started to curl under and covered half the open area from the roof to the balconyrailing.


Thanks, Ardy! I've got another couple coming later this evening (when I can post them re Jigidi time constraint) but I'll give you the link here (since you're online and enjoying them now):

We won't have to worry about clearing the is melting on its own. Our roof could stand considerably more weight (our building codes rather insist on it) and we have been fortunate enough not to worry about the load...yet. When we had a huge snow load back in 1999, we did pull some off as a precautionary measure.


.Do you need to clear the snow from your roof or can the roof support the weight? It makes a really fantastic picture. Thanks, Michelle.


awww...thank you! return *hugs* ;-D


I'm so glad you all survived in good health, big hug :-))))


Thanks, Jana! I was okay since I cancelled my appointment ahead of time and stayed home. Thursday afternoon started as I was driving home from that day's appointment and it got a bit hairy at points but wasn't as bad as my daughter or husband had it since they were commuting at a later hour. She had a very long commute that day (about 70 km) that took her over 3 hours to do, traffic was so snarled. Friday, both she and my husband were able to end their work days earlier than normal so they could commute home. She got stuck in the snow a couple of times but was able to get herself out. They both were exhausted by the time they each got home but they both made it safely so that was the important thing. We also only had a very brief power outage...literally seconds so that was good too. Everyone was warm and toasty inside the house!


Yup, it's real Jan! I loved the form of the swoop and how it overhung unsupported in the air. (Hairspray, anyone?) Number one son probably had his cell phone (with camera) on him but didn't think to take a photo. He was too busy concentrating on getting all his snowblowing done...again! (He has to do our house and has several neighbours as customers.)


It's very nice, thank you Michelle and I am glad, that you are okay after the storm :-)))


I cannot believe that this is an actual photo. The swoop is just so amazingly perfect. Wonderful photo. Tell you son to carry a camera!!


Yup, Laura...Christmas lighting. We don't usually take it down until the spring, when the weather is more clement and it's safer to be up a ladder... ;-D


I see what you mean, fodus. Those big rolls of cotton batting that we used to roll around the horses legs had layers like this. Cool!


I'm glad that you enjoyed it, myemerald! I can re-create these as larger puzzles and put a link to them for you here. Just let me know the size range you like! Glad that you liked them!


The snow can be fun, texasstar! There's always a lot of work to clean out pathways for people and cars after a big storm like we just had (and we don't want to even talk about driving conditions during the storms) but after it settles, there is just so much beauty. You're right about the icing...I was thinking the same thing when I saw it...boiled icing, the marshmallowy kind!


I was wondering why you had barbed wire on your roof until I realized it was your Christmas lights along the eaves. lol


This looks like cotton batting, in layers.

This is so pretty! If you post more like this, would you create them with more pieces? Thanks :-)


Wow, I just can't even imagine this. Looks like icing on a cake! Thanks for these wonderful pix, I'm loving it.