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Caladium Garden Kaleidoscope for Hanne

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I took the original photo of the Caladium Garden at Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, FL several years ago. The kaleidoscope was manipulated from the image as shown. The frame is art glass.


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Thanks for the encouragement, Hanne. That means a lot coming from someone with your talent and imagination!

It has been such a lot of fun and with Chrissie and Sally and Francine and Kathy et al giving me helpful instruction, a wonderful way to dialogue with people from around the world. I've come way beyond just solving jigsaw puzzles...who knew where that would lead?! ;-D


Just go on, Michelle, you'll find out - or you won't and then it'll be great fun anyway!! I think you do very well indeed!!!


Thanks, Hanne! I am so new at this (2 weeks of playing!) that I don't know what I am going to see when I start manipulating the photo. I am doing this all "by hand" so am learning as I go. Sometimes the plant or original structures are maintained and sometimes something very different appears to my eye. It is all so much to discover and so much fun to do so. I am glad that you appreciate it Hanne.


Michelle, thanks so very, very much for this marvellous kaleido, that is SO much different from what we usually see!! It's so amazing that you have kept the structure of the plants even if you have "tumbled" it. Indeed it's beautiful!! Thanks again, dear!!


Thanks, Robbie and I hope that she does. It's a ton of fun to play so it's all good! (Mind you, I don't get a chance to look at everybody else's puzzles so there is a drawback or two. Not to mention the threat of a family intervention.... lol!) ;-D


Very nice indeed Michelle, Hanne will love this.


LOL, Francine...I went and posted that one that I didn't like and it turned out that you and Dave did, so you never know! Ours is still standing but we didn't get it up until late. It will probably stay up until youngest goes back out west... You gave it a good run, though!!

I liked the jewel that I made with this one, Monica. Don't ask me how I did it...I just play. Same way that I bake and cook too. Family despairs of me...a little of this, a little of that. What recipe?? Oh, you want to make it too? Or I want to make it again? I have to laugh at myself. One of these days...


Beautiful Michelle! This one was more challenging then the others, but still lots of fun! Thanks!


Michelle, if you only knew how many of mine never get to Jigidi - and rightly so! I call it a learning process. BTW, took down the tree today. (:


Another quick on the draw, Francine! Thanks, I liked how this one turned out. Very rich in the jewels tones. Every one is a surprise and I never know how I am going to manipulate colours and frames, etc. until I actually let it speak to me. Sometimes, I don't hear very well! (There's a few that I won't be assigning names to! LOL).


Quite the challenge, Michelle. Great framing with this kaleido. Thanks.


Well, thank you, gnt!


good one