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Galaxy (Larger Size)

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This is a private 391-piece version which has been solved by aishahm in 1hr10min.


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Thanks, Pat. Glad you enjoyed it.


Nice size thanks Fran


Thank you for taking the time to give me your opinion. I recently posted a larger mosaic for someone and had to guess the size. Unfortunately, she ended up with a larger version than she wanted; hence, my asking your preferences.

P.S. Thanks for this 300 piece puzzle. I think this is really good size for this particular puzzle.

I know that many people don't want to spend a long time putting a particular puzzle together so aren't interested in the larger formats. However, it's nice to have a choice in which format you want to put a puzzle together. I wish Jigidi had a way to choose what size and shape puzzle you want to put together like the website Jigzone does. Then it wouldn't have to be necessary to ask anyone to go out of their way to enlarge their puzzles.

As for other puzzles you can post in a larger format, I'll get back to you shortly on this.

It also seems that many of the posted puzzles are posted in a small format and a larger one, but not necessarily with much difference. If two puzzles are posted with say 48 and 110 pieces, there is very little difference between these sizes. On the other hand, a puzzle that is 80 and 250-350 shows a wider variety for the puzzler. I know that Jigidi allows puzzle composers to post 4 puzzles a day and many want to post 4 different puzzles instead of the same puzzle in 4 different size formats.

I think my favorite size is somewhere between 300-400 or so. This size puzzle is challenging, but requires less time in the long run. I can usually do at least two of these a day. These puzzles are also more abstract than the smaller puzzles, which I prefer.

Puzzles that are 200-300 are nice if you want to do a quicker puzzle than the larger formats. I can usually do these in about an hour late at night.

As for the smaller puzzles, anything less than 150 poses no challenge whatsoever. I can put these puzzles together within a couple of minutes and barely have any time to think about how I'm putting the puzzle together before it's already done.

Thanks for the larger posting on this puzzle!

I've been putting the 500+ piece puzzles together and have had no problem with them. This size makes the pieces more abstract in my opinion, and takes a lot longer to do because of their intricacy. Although I love doing puzzles this size, it is a little harder because I have to put the puzzle together in different segments because it takes up more than the whole screen to accommodate all of the pieces. I'm trying to reserve this size for puzzles that are very colorful and fun to do. Darker puzzles don't lend themselves well to this format. Next comment....


~ Thank you, Anitam1.
~ WyndamWillows - I took the liberty of posting a 300-piece puzzle. Hope you enjoy it. As I don't know which puzzles appeal to you, would you please state your preferred size on the individual puzzle. I'll repost whenever I see your message.

As someone who now has to enlarge all my 800 x 600 px puzzles:

... A magnification to 1600 x 1200 px gives a choice of 108, 130, 154, 165, 192, 221, 252, 266, 300, 336, 374, 391, 432, 475, 520, 540

... Lesser % enlargements willl give same sizes, So 120% maxes at 192 for instance.


Your advice would be appreciated as I'm inexperienced with images this size. Before I publicly post my 'galaxy' puzzle, I would appreciate you're letting me know whether the puzzle pieces are big enough for you or conversely, too large.
...I also don't know whether image resolution is affected - at some point, could you let me know? :))

Jigidi will permit puzzle pieces up to 540!

If you would quickly look at the following temporarily, private puzzles and check out their sizes and let me know if any one is a workable one, then I'll make it public for your use.
...The largest size at moment is 4,000x3,000 pixels. Am assuming I can augment size. Do you have an opinion?
391 pcs - 4,000 x 3,000 (is it posslble for pieces to be too large, I'm wondering?)
391 pcs - 3,600 x 2,700
374 pics - 3,200 x 2,400


It'll be my pleasure. As I don't post many puzzles, I can certainly do it today. Give me a few minutes to resize image. Shall give you largest I can.

Thank you for the lovely compliment of wanting to solve my puzzles.
...I can also post any others you would like as I also use 'bookish2'. If you'll let me know which ones and again, the size.

Hi! I'm wondering if you can post larger versions of them (possibly in the 200-300 or larger versions). Maybe, if you have a day when you're not posting any new puzzles, you could repost some of your past puzzles in the larger formats as well. Puzzles that are 40-100 pieces aren't that challenging for me, but I love doing your puzzles that are larger. Thanks for considering this.