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Rudolph and Friends... ♫♫♪ Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells..... ♪♪♫

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Thanks, Whatty... Remember the old 'Dick and Jane' reading primers?? Well this was 'Fun with Reindeer'... Glad you liked it... ♥♥♥


Can't make them too easy for you, Edie... You need a little bit of a challenge... Well now look at you, right up there at number three... Piece of cake... Easy as pie... I know I've created a real puzzle when you have fun with a challenging one... Thanks heaps... ♥♥♥


These Rudolphs are very cute, SMor! Thanks much :)))))))


Was saving these till I had a few minutes Sally. Didn't realize that I'd need more than a few. Hope Santa brings you some more colours for Christmas. Oh wait. You have more colours you just wanted to watch us squirm using only these same ones :-DDD. I loved this puzzle and may try it again when I have another 10 minutes or so. Thanks bunches, great fun :-))))


Couldn't resist these guys... We're off soon to do the last of the Christmas shopping and an eye check up for me... Trying to fit everything in before we take off next month... Thanks, mate... ♥♥


All lit up for Christmas, cute puzzle, Thanks Sally. ☺♥