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Bangles for Kirsten :-)

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This is a kaleidoscope of some of the bangles I have made from polymer clay. The original photograph is inset in the centre. Thanks to Michelle (puzzaddled) for the inspiration of including the original image.


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Thanks, Shirley. I'm pleased you like them. Working with polymer clay is a lot of fun!


Beautiful, Chrissie, they are all beautiful, Thanks for sharing your talent with us Chrissie. :):)


Oooh! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed now. You sure know how to shut me up, Chrissie! LOL I so want to say that you really shouldn't, but I wouldn't want to be rude and ungrateful. So I'll rustle up some card and a ruler and let you know the result!

And then you'll know my dark secret. That I'm a weight lifter with extraordinarily large wrists!! LOL


Quite serious! It's a gift for you; a just because :-) For a bangle like the ones pictured, it needs to fit over the widest part of the hand which is across the knuckles. It would then fit the wrist comfortably... unless one was a weight lifter and had extraordinarily large wrists :-)

If you have some card or heavy paper, cut a strip about 25mm wide and about 250mm long; bend it into a circle shape, hold the join and fit it over your hand. Hold your hand as if you were putting on a real bangle; sort of scrunched together fingers. Mark where it's the best fit and flatten it to measure the length. I'll measure the one you like and see if it matches. Easy peasy! If it doesn't you shall have a new one.


I was so blown away, I clear forgot to stamp my foot!! Let me make up for that now, with some stomping reminiscent of an encore request!! Or a two year old's tanty. LOL

Are you serious about the unsold bangle? I just meant to say that I liked it so much, I would pay money for it! Not to procure it. But I am curious. How does one work out what size one's wrist is?


Yes, YOU Kirsten! I do enjoy the chiacking, girl; you make me smile :-) I made this in response to your comments about talent... thought I'd show a little more so you can stamp your foot again LOL.

One of the black and lime green ones is already sold. You are welcome to have the other if it fits. If you tell me your wrist size I'll check it and if it won't fit I'll make another one similar for you. Doubt I could make an identical one as I'm aiming for OOAK (One Of A Kind) art but I can get close :-)

No need to be sorry, my friend. We all have lives apart from Jigidi and some times we get to spend time living them :-)) Right now I'm off to make more bangles!


Me Kirsten? WOW!! If so, you've taken the wind out of my moan about your endless talents!! LOL Thanks Chrisse, I'm blown away to have a puzzle dedicated to me from you! Not sure what I did to warrant such attentions though. Unless you're a masochist, and you actually ENJOY my complaints and ribbing. LOL

You made some beautiful bangles, and an even more beautiful kaleido out of them. I 'specially like the black and lime green ones, and if I saw them for sale somewhere, am sure I would buy them! Thanks so much!! :))))

And sorry for my tardiness. I've been away for most of the last 24 hours, with a wedding on yesterday, and work this morning. And I was just going through the posts from the last 24 hours to bookmark, but couldn't go past this when I stumbled on it. Thanks again. I'm pleased as punch. :))))


Thanks, Snooks :-) Tough choice, huh? I'm trying a new technique now - I think they look even better than this lot. When I've made enough for a decent picture I'll show you.


Foxy, you have done it again. Bangles! They are lovely and such great colors and designs. I'm with 2D7C and can't decide which is best the puzzle or the bangles.


LOL... what a quandary! Having the bangles here I'd say I love them more than the puzzle. But then again, I would say that as I made them :-) Thanks, 2D7C.


Not sure which I love more. The puzzles or the bangles. Thanks so much.