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"Dog Walkers Tree", Rodborough Common, Gloucestershire

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So pretty, and a wonderful idea!


Thanks Ank. It is indeed!


Hi Lorna, Indeed 20 hours ago we crossed. What a very lovely idea.


Thanks jojosmom and Robbie. Um, they still do sometimes Robbie!


Silly me GS, there I was thinking the dogs were using the tree for relief!! Seriously, what a splendid idea and so thoughtful. Thanks for the inspiring puzzle.


What a wonderful idea.


Thank you for your comments treker, Gladstone and Jack. It is a lot of work for the organisers, but heart-warming to see the extent of the generosity for animals less fortunate than our own.


this is a verry beautiful picture Lorna!


Great to see that people are involved in sharing their cards and presents for others.


What a great effort by all those involved!


Thanks gemstone. The people who organise the decorating of the tree and the donations box, collect the donated food and money regularly, but it is amazing how much is donated, by dog owners and those without a dog who are just walking and enjoying the common.


What a great idea and trustworthy community! Merry Christmas to all God's wonderful creatures...and that includes humans. :DDD


I think we crossed Ank! Rodborough Common is a local and very popular place for people exercising their dogs, and I go there a lot with my two. This photo was taken in 2010, on the rare occasion that we had snow around Christmas, and the roads up the hill to it were passable! On a clear day, there are wonderful views to the River Severn estuary, the Forest of Dean, and Wales. beyond.


Hi Lorna, this looks very nice, what's the story behind it? What is a Dog Walkers Tree? I like the photo, the tree and the view behind the tree. Thanks, but please tell me more.


This hawthorn bush on Rodborough Common, Stroud, Gloucestershire, is known by locals as the dog walkers tree. It is decorated every year and has become quite a local landmark. People leave Christmas messages for fellow dog owners and their dogs, and some use it to remember pets they have lost. Donations of pet food and money are left at the tree for the residents of the local animal rescue centre.