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Double Delight Rose used in Snow Globe for PLG1958

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Here is the original photo that I took several years ago. I believe that this was at Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL. (I used to have one years ago, and I always love it!)

So now you have the before and the after!


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Then you must be acquainted with the Mr. Lincoln. That one was so very tall, big and red with such a wonderful fragrance. I also loved the Broadway rose.....a lot like the DD only with more orange and yellow notes. We had a few roses, but these were my 3 favorites. :D


We are forming a Double Delight fan club here, Jan! I'm glad that it brought memories back. She is one of my favourites too. My friend planted a rose labelled Chicago Peace a few years ago (I like that old classic too) but I told her that it was not that, it was a Double Delight (which can't be mistaken for anything else). She was taken aback that I knew my roses and then I had to explain that I used to grow a lot of them and belonged to the York Rose and Garden Society years ago.


I had 3 double delight roses in the backyard of my old house. They were my favorite and so we planted them. This is a gorgeous example. I love the way the colors can vary on it!!


It's a gorgeous rose, isn't it potatomum? I am new to Photoshop and just started playing with it this week. I tried a different technique to build my second snow globe and it was a little more involved that I expected it to be. (Mainly because the instructions that I was trying to follow weren't for Elements and I had to figure out a way to adapt.) Then, me being me, I had to make changes because I didn't like some of the effects they had on the site. I was quite pleased with how the rose turned out but she is a beauty all on her own! Thanks for popping in to see me! Michelle


I love Double Delight! My mother had one. I can't believe how you managed to "build" a snowglobe around it! :))