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Puppy Pix #4

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Baby Meara at 10 weeks falls asleep in one of her many strange sleep poses. Check out those razor sharp little puppy teeth. "OUCH", I remember them well...and don't really miss them! CHOMP! lol

Celebrating our Meara since she was the one who alerted us to Bonnie's seizure. She started getting upset about a half hour before it happened and then got more frantic to get our attention just before it started.


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She was probably dreaming about chomping! She had actually fallen asleep while biting my finger... and we have the photos to prove it!
We had the toughest time with her biting for what seemed like forever. She did grow out of it in a couple of months but we did despair that she ever would do so! Read all the books, consulted with the vet, etc. (This from someone who has a decent amount of experience around many different types of animals, too.) Who knew that she would end up being a sweetie pie. High strung but incredibly and fiercely affectionate.
btw: We took her home at 7 weeks of age (she needed surgery) and the dog sages recommend leaving the puppies with the mom until 9 weeks. It's these crucial weeks that socialize them to what is acceptable behaviour re biting when their mom corrects them and they learn from their sibs that what ye give, ye shall get in return!


If I didn't know what a sweet girl she is, it could be alarming. Those puppy teeth look like they've been sharpened! LOL wonder what she is dreaming about? Thanks, Michelle