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Departed Friends: Kami tries to figure out which to which file to save her work...

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We've had many hamsters over the years but Kami was one of the most fun-loving and brightest. Since my daughter had to spend so much time on the computer re her schooling, Kami became familiarized and we think she liked it because it represented attention from her favourite person. When my daughter video-chatted to us, Kami would sit on her shoulder and "chat" to the camera too! lol


How fascinating that she liked the computer so much! I wonder why? Kami looks like a lot of fun!


Aaaw. Pets are such a comfort...particularly when you are away from family.


This little one was Kami Kaze: so name for her early propensity to try to leap from heights which is an activity not recommended for hamsters. She was my daughter's boon companion throughout her years away at university. Kami loved to "help" out with any papers or projects that required the use of a computer!