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Meara models Bonnie's new coat: #2

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ahem...what do you want? Can't you see that I'm busy here?

Meara up past her knees in the snow on our boulevard. She does enjoy playing in the snow!


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So glad that you are enjoying them, Libby! (You should have seen Cosmo girl burying her head in in just like any regular old tomboy! lol) It's fun to take photos of our "kids", isn't it?


Both colors are gorgeous, and the model...a real Cosmo gal! Love all the snow pics, frames are great...thanks! ;-)


I do have a couple of blurry ones where she wouldn't stop and pose...yup, SNOW! She does love Thanks for the frame compliment but I have to share credit. I didn't create that inner form, it came with my programme. However, I put it on the purple background that I pulled from her coat colour (brightened it a bit) and then figured out a way to make the lacy flakes "pop" with beveling, shadowing, mild gradient highlights etc. Glad that you enjoyed the final result, Ardy!


Hi sweetie Meara, you look beautiful, big hug for you and Bonnie and say hello to Michelle :-)))


Mom, I've got all this wonderful snow to play in and you want me to stop and pose? I do love the purple coat, but---- I want to play. OK?

Michelle the outer frame is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks, Faye! (we crossed) She's actually pretty good when we bring the camera out. btw - purple is not my colour either! lol


Thanks, Francine. I did get the inner one from the graphics in Elements but you know that I can't use them "as directed". lol I have a dear friend who has taught me about gradients and encourages my "outside the box" thinking so I had to find a work around so that I use gradients when I want to or find out how to add beveling or shadowing, etc. ;-D


A definite "poseur"! LOL

Love the frame...the snowflakes...but purple's not "my" colour. :)))


Do like your framing.