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Bell choir - treble bells - Please see comment

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Please Ardy, no apologies needed. Just wanted to make sure you had seen my ramblings, that's all.
... We hadn't decorated much during Christmas for the longest time but are doing so this year. That's why I had to buy a tree and ornaments as we didn't have them anymore.
...I'm finding the place cheerful with the lit-up tree. There's not the same incentive in going to the trouble of doing something when it's only for ourselves. Perhaps you'll consider doing a little bit as you're worth it.

Good luck in finding the right piece for the 22nd.


Whoops. I read this not long after you posted it but didn't reply. Sorry - not intentional. I know what it is to be bound by a pet. My Neekei cat needed daily medicine. If anyone other than me was in the house she went into hiding. She had hiding places I never found. So for the last few years of her life I went nowhere overnight. It was during her "reign" that I quit doing boxed jigsaw puzzles as her favorite sleeping place was in the middle of the puzzle. Shes been gone three years this month. She was 19 and deaf for the last couple of years. Yet she always knew where I was.

If you take that photo of the tree you could join Pepper in it. Don't you think that would be an excellent idea? I do. I'm not into decorating much any more. Seems like a lot of work for just me. I do miss seeing all my ornaments though.

Rehearsal went well. We have a concert at a nursing home on Dec. 19. We go there twice a year - at Christmas and in the spring. I still need to figure out something simple and appropriate for Dec. 22 as we have very little time to learn it. I'll have 4 of the ringers available - 5 if I ring too. That's my project for the weekend -to find music for the 22nd.

Again, my apologies for being so long in replying here. I'm enjoying getting to know you more. Have a good evening.


Hi Ardy, thanks for sharing the photos with me - I read all the comments. Pleased Fluffy is having a good life.
...There won't be a photo of me, I'm afraid. Rarely have my photo taken. Though retired we don't travel as our Pepper suffers from separation anxiety so he goes everywhere with us. We even bought a house and new furniture with him - one of us goes in store while other waits in car. Then we switch roles.
...Shall probably take a photo of our tree and Pepper and publicly post closer to Christmas.

I was rushing before and only partially responded to yours. How lucky you are to be so talented and have come from that type of family.

We once drove from Montreal to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia - that's the furthest we drove through the Atlantic. This done with our pet dog. We didn't have the heart to leave him behind. So there are things we missed out on because of our choice - no boat tours for example, nor whale watching. It was still the right decision.
...I agree with you about long car trips - tiring and hard on the body.

I've never been to your neck of the woods. Have driven to Wildwood, N.J., and various camping areas in New York and Vermont States. Once during a vacation in the Yukon, took the ferry from there to Alaska and toured around.
...Everywhere else, we flew and rented a car once there. Hawaii, California.
...Went to Niagara Falls, Ontario only once and at that time, the U.S. section was closed for repairs!

At the moment, am hearing the geese fly over the house as I type.
We're near the St. Lawrence River and there are many provincial parks in this area. We're probably a two-hour's drive from Montreal.

We both share this computer - probably I use it more than him. So when he asks for it, it's his - only fair. I'm not always around. In fact, I haven't looked at puzzles more than 5 mins this morning. The Australian ladies usually arrive around this time so I'll go solve some of theirs.



Francine, Here's Fluffy.


That's me, Francine.


Pepper looks so sweet. Poor doggy. Hope he continues to progress and have a few more quality years with you. Thanks for sharing this with me. Pets are family. I think I feel more for pets when they aren't well than humans since the pet can't understand what's wrong or tell you how it feels.

Other than around the Niagara Falls area I haven't been in Ontario. I have vacationed and driven the Trans-Canada Highway in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland. Always wanted to pick up in Ontario and drive it west to the other end but never did. Driving on long car trips no longer interests me.

Don't know if I told you or you know I'm in the USA in Maryland right on the northeast corner of Washington, D.C. If I can do this (I'm not much of a computer person) I'll let you see a picture my cousin took of me this summer by her new waterfall and pond in her backyard. I see I don't know how to get there from here. I'll be back.


No, sorry didn't notice you asking. Am an ex-Montrealer, now living in eastern Ontario for over twenty years. Miss Montreal for many things, including ballet, concerts, museums, spontaneity, friends, really good restaurants, especially Dim Sums available for Sunday brunches.

Our dog had major surgery the Labour Day weekend and is still recuperating. He was getting weekly injections and today will be his first monthly scheduled one. Arthritis, plus damaged vertebrae, plus his exuberance which we now have to curtail as he's injuring his back legs even further.

Need to buy more Greek yogurt as it's the last day of the sale.
Need to buy more aqua Christmas tree ornaments as I didn't buy enough. We don't have a HomeSense in my area so am hoping to find something. We bought a white Christmas apartment-size tree last month and I'm trying to have everything colour coordinated.

We need cheering up at moment. So we put up our tree and decorated it yesterday. Looks great in living room. The back of the tree which is facing the window is totally bare at moment.

I'm attaching a few puzzles for you to see our Pepper and read about him, if you're curious. There's a lot, so please don't feel obliged in any way. Am leaving in 45 mins and my hair is still wet! So the puzzles are a short-cut for me.

I'll check out your cat later. Leaving in 35 mins. Oh my!


Oh, Francine, wrists can really mess up any type of keyboard work whether musical or computer/typewriter types. I have worn wrists supports on the few occasions when I've needed to play the biggest bells - they are quite heavy.
I've grown up with music and musical family. I've had lessons on piano, accordion, organ, violin, flute, guitar, recorder (all sizes) and most recently, bells. I'm not expert on any but have also taught piano, recorder and now bells. Have also done a lot of singing before my voice gave out. I took two theory classes on a college level. All of it helps.

You mention heading for the vet. You have a pet? What do you have?. I've been a cat person for several years but I love animals. I've been adopted by a neighborhood stray now. There's a picture of her somewhere on my profile
Just in case you didn't see an earlier question - Where are you? It's fun to know if you care to share.. Happy shopping.


Good morning, Ardy. Thanks for the explanations - found it interesting. Shall check out your Dec. 22, thanks for that too.

No, sadly not much musical knowledge nor expertise. Always loved the piano and in my early thirties we bought a piano and I found a piano teacher. Great! Had her for only six months before she moved away. After a year found another teacher who did not teach theory as she was an ex-concert, Russian, pianist and probably found theory teaching beneath her.

Coincidentally, was taking stained glass lessons at same time.
Plus, the fact that there had been a large lay-off at work and consequently I had to do my own typing.

My wrists acted up and I ended up with tendonitis, wore specially-made wrists/arm supports 24-hrs daily and twice weekly had physiotherapy for the longest time.

Had to do the typing to keep job but stopped the two passions/hobbies. Never resumed piano lessons. Do practice occasionally and can still read music, though rusty/slow. I don't have 'an ear' for music; can only play by memory or reading.

Your instructions were fine - my fault for never checking the church service side. Next time, I'll find you in no time...:)

It's been great chatting with you. Wishing you a good day.
Off to the vet this afternoon then some shopping.


Yea Francine. Glad you succeeded. I wondered if that were the same tie. After your description of it I looked carefully at the one he wore on the 17th and thought maybe it was the same. We wear gloves as skin oils damage the metal over time. Bell handles are a hard plastic substance. One brand of bells uses leather - White Chapel Bells made in England.. Lots of groups use white but I have preferred the all black as it shows off the bells better. I was disappointed in the sound quality as the highest bells were almost inaudible on the video although they came through ok in the sanctuary. Our Christmas service will be Dec. 22. If you are interested. It starts at 11:15 a.m. Saturday morning. The 11:15 service is on the Web live each Saturday morning. I have promised the music director bells even if I have to do a solo ring but there will be 4 other members available so we'll come up with something.

You obviously have some musical background. I'd enjoy knowing what if you care to share. Oh, you didn't pester me, I'm just sorry I didn't give better directions.


Hurray, Ardy! I found it and so easily!! Enjoyed listening to your rendition of Ode to Joy. My fingers wanted to play the piano while listening. Hadn't realized you wore gloves - is that to prevent sweating or does it somehow change the sound if your bell handles are also made of same metal?
Sorry to have pestered you so much before finally locating it.
BTW, Minister was wearing same tie as in concert and I think it still would have made a good puzzle pattern...:)


Again I'm sorry for not being more observant Francine. I hope you do enjoy them after all this.


Ardy, yes, was in concert section. Thanks. I'll be back. Thanks for checking for me...:)


Francine, I'm sorry. I think perhaps you were in the concert videos rather than the church services. I hadn't noticed that some of the 2012 concerts had been posted. I think there are like 51 videos in the church services section for 2012 but only 4 in the concert section. Today my timer found the bells at 37 minutes approximately. What made me go back and check was that we had no clarinet music at that service. There was a brass choir but no clarinet.


Ardy, though I didn't find your section, I still enjoyed what I listened to. Sorry I'm doing something wrong.
The organist and clarinist are really good. Checked up to 1hr50min.

As an aside, the Jigidi person in me had to admire the Minister's great tie - thinking the colourful squares would have made a fun puzzle....:)

If ever there's another concert, I'll check out that one. Again, thanks for sharing the link with us.


Ardy, am about to try again. Wasn't able to play with internet before now ~ hubby and I share this computer. I'll be back.


Wish you could.


Green tea with mint!! I'll be right there!!


Francine, I don't know where you are. Are you comfortable letting me know?


Ardy, thanks, shall try later. Weekends are busy for me as that's when our Hydro is at its cheapest (besides after 7 pm during the week).


Francine, we played just before the minister spoke. On my computer the timing was 38:50. The bell piece was only about 2-3 minutes long. Hope you find it if you have time to try again.


Thanks Ardy.
Sadly, I didn't succeed in finding it - I'll try again later.
Listened to your Minister and heard the organist and choir.
I think it's wonderful having all this accessible on the internet.


I'll tell them. Thanks for coming by to see them.


Thanks Ardy, and thanks to the girls.


Oh well, Hanne. I'm so used to it that I've rather gotten to enjoy sliding down and off the slippery slope!!! LOL And I have a fresh cup of something right beside me - green tea with mint.


Not any longer dear, we were kicked out in the darkness, but we'll just take a cup of something won't we??


Thanks, Pat. This is a small group but they are great to work with.


Lovely picture thanks Ardy


You are very welcome, Hanne. I'm noticing that you are ahead of me on the board. Great.


Thanks for showing, Ardy!!


Some people have said they would like to hear the bells While the sound is not good here is how to get to the video: On the web enter On the home page hover over Media and click Sligo Web TV. Scroll down under the pictures to Video library. Click 2012, then 11-17-1012 Festival of. When it loads fast forward to 38:40 which should be a young lady reading Scripture. We play right after she finishes. Again the sound is very poor. Wish I had a better clip to offer.