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Happy Easter to My Jigidi Friends!

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The image in the center was used to make all of the surrounding Kaleidoscopes. I won't be here for Easter, so I am wishing you Happy Easter now!
See you in a couple of weeks! Jan


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Jan, it's Easter Sunday. Thank you for a wonderful Easter puzzle. 10:22 minutes of thinking of you and hoping you two are having the best of times. ((HUGS))


Happy Easter to you too mon. I mean Jan. LOL Didja see what I did there? That was my Jamaican accent. LOL.

Thanks for this one Jan. It was very tough. But very lovely. :)))

Hope you two have the best time!! :)))

I feel like I've been given the ultimate Easter basket...thanks and once again...enjoy your special time!


A very happy Easter for you too, and a happy holiday!! Happy Anniversary too!! Enjoy sun and sea and remember what you experience so you can tell us afterwards!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Jan, I started to do this then changed my mind. I'm going to bookmark it for Easter next Sunday. Maybe I won't miss you quite as much if I know I have something from you waiting for me. Have a wonderful, safe trip and a blessed Easter. Thank you, dear friend.


Thanks so much, Barb! I appreciate you words and also, YOU!


And a very Happy Easter and happy holidays, Jan! Thanks for a challenging basket full of goodies today. :-)