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An old friend...

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This is a photo of a photo that was given to me in memory of this old apple tree on my aunt's farm.

I loved this tree that lived, by itself, well down the lane-way to the back fields. I felt that it had a soul much like those of Tolkien's Ents. When I had need for that kind of communication as a teenager, I would head back to it and sit against it while it heard my heart. It has gone with the other Entwives now.


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Oh, how beautiful, Jan. I have always loved trees! This old apple to whom I went to when I was feeling like I needed a friend to listen to me; the crabapple at our house that I used to climb up into to hide with a good book; the cherry trees at grandma & grandpa's house that I climbed at cherry picking time who would quietly share their bounty with me while I was hidden within their branches (never telling on me when I handed down the filled baskets); the tall and stately old pine at the back of my aunt's farm who looked to be too perfect to be real. This last tree was where I went when I wanted to experience the grandeur of nature/God's creation/Gaia (whatever your frame of reference) It came complete with a viewing rock/boulder at the proper distance to make a wonderful seat where I would view it's perfection in it's entirety framed against all the smaller trees. Trees do like to share your dreams, don't they?


Michelle, I had 2 beloved trees as a child. Both were ones that I climbed. One was a cherry tree in my grandparent's backyard. It had a branch just like a horse's back and was fun to sit on and hug. But, the "Hacienda" was my favorite. I would climb up and dream there. One of the larger branches had a slit in it. It was mossy and had a frog family living there. It was very like a fairy land to me.
Memories! Thank you for sharing yours!


Thank you, JC. I am happy to have shared them with you. (This aunt introduced me to Tolkien all those many years ago when the fans were much fewer...)


That's a beautiful story, Michelle!


Actually, Laura, in my mind, a cherished memory and not really sad. I am glad it was there for those teenager angst-ridden moments when we needed to share but didn't know how. I choose to believe that the Entwives are tending some beautiful gardens for us and that we'll see them all again one day!

Thanks Toto, it sounds like you have some good memories too.


Wow, Michelle. Nice old friend, but a sad story.


Thank you for sharing your friend and your memories. For those of us who love them, these friends are always special.