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Asiatic Lily "Barcelona" Kaleidoscope for Hester

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A lily that I used to have in my garden until my neighbour's invasive creeping plant killed it off. It was a lovely flower in that it just glowed in the sunlight. I took this photo in 2004 and the lily is overlooking the kaleidoscope manipulated from its image. The frame is art glass.


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Monica, I had them all ready to roll! I think that I've got 3 days worth waiting to be posted. I love the way you can post them as a private puzzle in the new Jigidi and then go in and change it to public once your 24 hours from prior postings are up. It makes it go a lot faster! Just another cheat...;-D


Me darlin! ... I resemble that remark! Being blonde, mentalpuzzle,with a wee bit of Irish thrown in the mix. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the physical plane... as you can tell from some of my puzzles that I have created, the other plane is somewhere in space! *tee hee*

omigodoclock...does that translate as dark-thirty in the morning? (our household patois).


Michelle, I've obviously missed noting where you are in Canada. Forgive me, I'm having a "doh!" moment! It' s difficult to keep on top of all the chat if you're not on every day and I hold my hands up to being blonde, Irish and mentalpausal. ...

The paint? I would have mixed if I hadn't finished at omigodoclock , halfwa? a cross the inglenook wall. Dammit, I get Oder but no wiser!! :-))


Hi Michelle! Love the reds and yellows! Your getting awfully good at this and fast too! These are all so wonderful, thanks.


Laughing first... barley sugar treats...I haven't thought of those in a long while! Thanks for that. (Sometimes we long-time Canadians are more "across the pond" than you guys are who live there! lol) Except that we have adopted the terminology for certain things, like "den", as you surmised correctly. (la-di-da me!)

Well, I haven't been to Barcelona but that was my lily's name so I would guess and say warm, flamboyant and feisty? Kinda like you, I think!

Painting is such fun and frustrating all at the same time. It's been a while since we did our place and I'm itching to start making changes. You'd think that a manufacturer would keep the formula the same...after all, you only had it for five years! If they keep the name the same, they should keep the formula the same too. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. It's not like I don't have a can or two down in the (If you'd know ahead of time, you could have mixed the pots together to get something in between. Rats.) Hope that you're having fun making plans for your mini-break. Sounds like a good trade-off to me! ;-D


Michelle, this is a beauty! It's taken me a while to get here as I've been decorating our snug ( probably what you'd call a den) and haven't really been on jigidi much the last couple of days. I was wanting to surprise my best beloved who was off on a trip so was painting till nearly 2 in the morning! It was all going swimmingly till my remnant pot of "dragon's blood" deep red paint ran out. I had to drive 30 miles to get another and guess what? In the 5 years since purchasing the first pot, D.G. has gone from being O+ to O-! The bloomin' stuff was fractionally different! Grrr! Anyway I've hung the paintings and curtains and, bless him, BB didn't notice till I told him so it'll stay that way till I feel like re-doing the other walls!
Dont'cha just HATE it when something like that happens!
Anyway, I'm back for a day or 3 till the Brownie points I earned are redeemed in a mini break! What?? Did You think all that work was without an ulterior motive?? ;-))

Thank you so much for dedicating this to me! How did you know that I adore Asiatic lillies? And that Barcelona is one of my all time favourite cities? This is just beautiful and I love the glass frame! It sets it off beautifully. Just one does look a little like barley sugar boiled sweets. Sorry about the lick marks and unseemly dribbles!! :-))


Thanks, Jacques! I have been really having fun with this programme. I'm probably going over the top with all the newer ones (won't be posted for a few days yet) with 3D effects, etc. but it's all a learning process and it is so much fun! Keep your eyes open for all the upcoming! LOL


there's fire in, nice one Michelle!