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Malý a velký for Denise and Angel

20 pieces
82 solves
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Thank you Ank:-))


So sweet, love it

I'm gladAngel, that my pictures brings a smile to your face.
I'm sending you a new photo dog AJK #jigsawpuzzle #puzzle

I was one second too slow to make the board, Jana. The big dog looks like he is just waiting for the right moment to scare the little one. The little one is just waiting and wondering what is going on. So cute. Thanks for finding that photo. It made me smile.

Thank you Jan,Chailie,Denise,Michell and Frank, I am glad, you like it :-))


Cute. I agree with Michelle - :)


I don't know...that puppy and that tongue! I can see some fun happening there... These are a very cute couple!


Thank you Jana. The big dog looks like he needs a long nap. The puppy is just so adorable and is waiting for the big dog to fall asleep so he can relax:-)


I don't know about innocent. Looks as if he might be thinking "Put your tongue in or I'll bite it".


Love the innocent look on that puppy. Make you just want to take him home with you.