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wild pony at Mount Rogers

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No, I don't think it bothers this little horse, Schutkleur. Girls in high school will blow upwards with their mouth scrunched up so it blows the hair out of their faces. Maybe these little horses do the same. LOL


Thank you, Roseheather! Another beautiful photo!
And I agree, it just looks very cute, I don`t think the mane is bothering the animal :)


Naw, there are plenty of high school aged girls who appear in class with similar hair styles, and they are seeing perfectly fine. ; )


A blind Horse having a bad hair day? You have to go out there and pull that mane so it can see better.


Thanks, Books and Puzzles. It is this mane that attracted me to this photo.

Thanks for the great photo/puzzle. That pony is all mane! :-)