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Jak je krásné, kdyz te nekdo ceká doma ....

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How beautiful, if someone is waiting for you at home ....


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Thank you for the nice comment like9 :-)))


Probably took offense to the book calling his owner a dummy, even though the owner may see it as a training problem :-)

Thank you Angel and Ank :-))


Look at him, sorry I can't help, it just happens. And the other looks, what did you do, oh dear...
Lovely Jana. Thanks

"Just so you know, we digested the information and part of the cover. We'll let you know how it comes out."
So cute Jana. Thanks for the laugh.

Thank you Ringleader, Grandmalucy and Denise, I am glad, you like it :-))


Lovely picture Jana. The dogs are lovely too.:-)


Love the picture and whats in it. thanks


These dogs are no dummies. They are going to train you. Beautiful dogs. Picture makes me laugh. Thanks, Jana.