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Trying to make a fire in the snow

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Dagmar I don't have any coverings on my windows because I love looking outside while I'm laying in bed. This means that I always wake up at first light but sometimes even earlier. I love not needing an alarm to get me up. Yes we make fires all year round because my grand kids love it and they don't have the opportunity where they live. We often cook over the fire as well and it keeps a lot of mess out of the house. We just burn our plates after we're finished eating. I keep older chairs outside all year and only put away the good ones for the winter.


Hi Gail. Kirsten used to think of me as 'menagerie' before she knew my name so that's what I posted under. There's only a few pictures there, mainly of the snow storm when I took so many and I didn't want to be posting them forever.


Good morning Edith, I see that you are up early again, I hope you will find some sleep later. :)) You have got a wonderful winterscene here. :)) Nobody would really associate sunchairs, a fire and a little picnic with snow. Having the family around is always nice and these kind of gatherings are usually remembered with a smile. :))


This is the first I've heard that you have another profile. Since I only look through Favorites, I'm not aware of the name of your second profile. Can you tell me what it is?


I understand Ank. I don't have time to do everyone's puzzles either but I still like to look at them. Glad you enjoyed them.


The kids especially love having fires because they live in the city and you are not allowed to make fires there. They don't care if it's summer or winter as long as they can roast marshmallow.


Hi Edie, I did not know you have an other profile. I just did look at he photos, they are very nice. Sorry I don't have enough time to solve them. Every day is too short for me. I think I try to visit too many friends.


Edie, you have a very nice family and I like the peace around the fire, as well as for us, when we do fire, the first are the dogs, waiting for what they get good. Thank you very much :-))))))))


Never been sick from the cold yet gnt. Only get sick from other peoples germs. Wasn't cold at all, nice and sunny.


good set but too cold for that yard stuff.........someone will be getting sick


Ank I posted four more pictures under Menagerie for you to look at. Don't feel that you have to comment. Thanks


Not so cold Jacque it was plus 10 and sunny. In the summer we have a lot of cook outs over the fire. The kids love it because they live in a city and can't have fires.


Lovely Edie, thanks


looks verry cold!