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We make a boat trip and visit Marken.

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I told you earlier that the Zuiderzee was a dangerous sea. Frequently there were floods. Therefore, the people built their houses on mounds. Several of these mounds are completely swept away by the waves. In 1916 there was a major flood disaster. 16 people were killed and many were homeless. This disaster gave the impetus to the construction of the dam. They started with the construction of the dam in 1927, in 1932 the last hole was closed. And from that moment the Zuiderzee became IJsselmeer. The danger of flooding was over.
Look to this picture, the strange way this house is built. The front door is upstairs. Tomorrow I tell you about it.


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Thanks Jan.


ank yes for flooding.


Thanks girls, Jan is that also for the flooding?


Love the puzzle. You do what you have to do to protect your property.


Smart way to build the homes in order to avoid flooding.


Nice, you will see houses on stilts in New Orleans, along the coast and Key West.


Sleep tight dear. hugs

Very clever, thank you Ank, have a good night :-)))) knufels


Hi Cathy. Have a great day.


Another wonderful tour!! Thank you Ank!!


Thanks Hanne Sissy Sandy and Laura. Sandy that would be a great idea for apartments, but it's not meant here. Hanne we will see. lol


I love your tours, Ank! You are a great tour guide.


So I am wondering if each color on the house is a separate apartment for more than one family. Thanks Ank.


Love these ... Thanks Sis for a wonderful set...


It's very interesting, I look forward to reading what you write, but I think I know it!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Hi Gladstone and Lorna. This boat trip is virtual. I have made this trip in the past, we were always making boat trips. And I made a lot of photos, but that are all paper photos. I need a new scanner, so it's more easy at the moment to take the photos from the net. I'm glad you like it and that you like the info.


Tragic history, but interesting too. Thanks Ank.


Good to see a picture taken on your boat trip. Thanks Ank.