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Snow drops are making an appearance

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Edie, we seldom....more like almost never....get snow here in South GA but that is ok with me as I don't like the COLD so much. I will just gladly look at your snow LOL


Right now there is no sign of green. Everything is buried again but you're right in a month it will look very different. I will post pictures for sure.


Here in my patios it is the crocusses that are flowering first and once they are out, spring isn't very far off. Even though you have some snow now I'm sure in a months time everything will start to get green. I'll love to see some photos of your place then. :))


You're welcome Jana. It's snowing right now so it's not coming fast enough for me.

Thank you very much Edie for this beautiful pfoto, spring is comming :-))))))))))


I thought so too when I saw them yesterday. It's been snowing all morning and I can't see them anymore. Thanks Ank and Linda


How wonderful to see them poking their heads up through the snow! Lovely! :)


Spring is coming, I'm glad for you.