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Friesland, Towns and villages, Bakkeveen

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Thanks I will look for them.


I'm posting some pictures from this morning to give you an idea of what we look like.


I made this photo 1.5 week ago. We are already a few weeks without snow. My part of the country is lucky, the most of NL was white last week. But we not. Yesterday the weather started to be some better, I think Spring is around the corner.


Nice picture Ank. Was this taken in the fall? I'm guessing now everything is covered in snow. Thanks for sharing.


Monica I know you did see it


No Monica I don't. If I like to swim I just jump in the water at the back of my home. I don't need a swimming pool. Did you already look at that puzzle, there you can find where you have to look at google earth to see my house and my environment.


Wow! Now that's a big swimming pool! Do you ever use it in the Summer time Ank?


It was Cathy, only pity it was too cold to use it. Thanks


Very nice picture! Thank you Ank. And the swimming pool is a bonus!!


Thanks girls. I had a good view from up there. When I was down I did not see the swimming pool, so I was surprised.


It's some facilities for swimming down there isn't it? Thanks so very much Ank!!


That's pretty high up Ank. Nice view.


Gorgeous view thanks Sis


Thanks girls, I don't know which song that is. It was very cold, the wind made it cold. Between the trees it was not very bad, but up there brrrrrrrrrr. But we were not the only walkers, there were many cars at the parking places.

Thank you very much Ank for an other beautiful photo :-))) Have a nice day, hugs :-)))))


This photo reminds me of the song with the chorus "I can see for miles and miles..." Was it very cold that day Ank? There doesn't seem to be a soul in sight!