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Tapestry Cushion - Delphiniums

35 pieces
26 solves
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I enjoyed stitching this tapestry cushion front designed by Julia A'Court for Primavera, which I won in a competition years ago. I intended to make it into a cushion for my bedroom as it's blue, but as usual haven't got round to it yet!


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Thanks Ardy - Glad you like it.
Thanks Janine - I love blue too - it's the colour of my bedroom as it's such a peaceful colour!

Niccolino, you do such lovely work. Thank you for sharing all of your talent with us.
I love delphiniums and anything blue......Janine.


One of a very few truly blue flowers. Thanks, Nicky. It's beautiful work.


Thanks Sue.


Thank you Sue, Niccolino and I share the same passion for "peedlenoint" as you call it.


Wow, threadyourneedle, I'm impressed with your wonderful talent. I've done a few needlepoints in my time too. I once twisted my tongue on that word and came out with 'peedlenoint'! It kinda stuck and now I refer to all stitching that way! I'll have to photograph a few of my artistic endeavours to share. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed solving this one.


Thanks, threadyourneedle, that's a good idea! I've looked at your puzzles of your work and they are gorgeous too - a few too many pieces for me to manage, but I enjoy viewing them all the same!


Hi Nicccolino, do you want to borow mine? It's made up into a cushion and is on the downstairs bed. It was fun to do!