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Akim, Ája a Krystof

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My dogs for 7 years


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Thank you Kathy, good luck Bella and brother and then perhaps will health, love and understanding might help to make the world better and all best in new year for you and yours


Now I see where your love of pets come from!!!! Indeed, people who do not have a pet miss out on a blessing!!!! Thank you for sharing in Bella and her brother's story :-) May the upcoming year bring you much enjoyment from your beloved pets and the very best for you all year long :-) Kathy

Thank you, our birthday 25.05 I got it 27.05, I wish you a very nice new year, full of happiness , peace and health


Hi jana:-) Your dogs are lovely, I love them.
All the very best for next year!!!!

Thank you both for your comment


Love this, I really do.


Lucky you! :DDD