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Apple pattern

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Any time, Kathy!


You are such a dear! I knew you would know just what to say!! I'll be back in touch!


Oh, Kathy!! Your hopes were so high! I'm disappointed for you.

I hadn't realised that your home depended on the job. If you work out a way to share with your daughter and SIL, would that be in your present home?

I'm glad that you felt that you could talk to me about it. We've become friends over the past few months!! It would be nice if I could "magic up" a solution for you, unfortunately.....................

The only thing I will say is that it takes "downs" to appreciate the "ups" in life. You feel very down at the moment but you wait................................. "ups" WILL come!!

Chat as much as you need to, Kathy!! :-))


Hi John, I know you check recent comments so I'm putting this on an older puzzle... I found out I did not get the job, and am disappointed ... and, reason for the (semi) private comment ... embarrassed, since I announced to the world. Now that I have a bit of distance from that sting of rejection, I'm not so surprised. I think these younger men I'm interviewing with sit across from me and see their big sister or aunt and form an opinion/image and shut down considering me. So, I'm still pursuing consulting opportunities and am also preparing to move back to Alabama and live with my sister and her husband; just can't afford my housing etc any longer. The timing could be delayed if my daughter and her husband and I can figure out a way to share housing again, but a lot of logistical hurdles to that. My ideas once I would be resettled with my sis involve a freelance mix of work to include consulting, teaching, and writing.
Hmmm... Not sure what you'll make of me baring my soul to you here, I don't mean to presume or impose, just grappling with these circumstances and felt like you'd understand. :-))


Oh! You cheeky devil!! It was a good jig but it didn't appeal to many. Too drab, I think!!

Make the most of your "superiority". I'M ANGRY NOW and you don't want to see me when I'm angry!! LOL


Hellooooo down there!!!
(Sorry just couldn't resist!)
Clever puzzle~