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Another Jamaican Sunset!

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Thank you so very much, Gracie. I thought so at the time. Wish we were back there! :(


Wow!! this is one is so beautiful! thanks Jan!


Thanks so much, Chickie. Even without the red/gold/orange, I liked this one a lot!


Beautiful sunset JiggyBelle!!!


JC, good advice. At my old house, I got one of the best sunrises ever and I look at it in amazement every time. Now, if I can just find it, again.

Aggie - Boy, you sure can't, can you? At least I can't. I try them at the Oregon coast and they just aren't the same "glow!"

Ardy - I am so glad to hear that! I'll look for more when I can. It's always nice to calm down in front of a good sunset - - or a good field - - or a good fire, for that matter!

I'm humming (oh, heck, I'm singing!) right along with you, Hester. I guess if sunsets lasted too much longer, we would start taking them for granted........nah!


This one make me want to hum "Sittin' on the dock of a bay". You could watch this for hours....if it only lasted that long :-))


This beauty is bright enough that I can tell it's a boat and not a rock with a blue top out there in the water. Love those clouds. Not tired of them yet. As Aggie says we don't get them like that around here. Thank you.


Jan, sometimes I look back at variations of the same sunset and post one with a different angle or a slightly different foreground. Wait a while, then look again. You may go, "I like this one better."


Thanks, JC. I've just about run out of new ones. I have many variations on ones I've already published, but probably won't post those. You know how it goes once you start "snapping!" :D


Beautiful, Jan!