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Moosehead-Lake in Maine

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Beautiful fall colors from the air.


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Beautiful and awesome just barely describe this. I love Fall and this is a spectacular scene of Fall color. A grand shot by someone. This is a keeper, cinderfire. Thanks so much. :-))


Absolutely beautiful! I'd like to be water skiing on that lake. :))))

Wish you were there too Jim, know you would love it. It is a beautiful place. Thanks friend. ☺


Ginger,colors are amazing, , looks like some one is going to fly in to that lake in that float plane for some great fishing. Wish it was me. thanks. Jim

Thanks Dave, it is a great view. Thanks and have a good night. :o))


How amazing is this!! I can barely imagine being in that plane flying over all that spectacular color, let alone the water. Its a beauty, Ginger!!