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Spondylus Americanus - American Spiny Oyster.

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These are two good specimens sharing the same piece of coral. These were taken by a diver roughly 90 feet deep. These range from North carolina down to Brazil.


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You're welcome PG and thanks. Dad still does not grasp the puzzle idea on a computer but his face lights up when I tell him about all your nice comments.

Yes it is a bonus Rob, thanks.

Hi Monica, sure is thanks.

Yes he collected many from around the world Denise, thanks.

That is nice to hear Shirley and says a lot for jigidi, we all see things that are new to us, thanks.

You're welcome chickie.

Again Ardy, so glad that you enjoy them, thanks.

The same for me Jana, I look outside and see water and sun, then look at jigidi and see snow! Thanks.

Good afternoon PK, you're welcome!

Yes just for you Lela, thanks.

Definitely Hanne, they break easily, thanks.

Ha ha ha gem, see what you mean!! Thanks.

Well that sounds great gnt, thanks.

Hi snooker, glad you like it, thanks.

Why thanks yellow, although my camera skills here need some adjusting! Thanks.

I'll be giving tonight a miss after answering all your comments, I have a really good book by David Baldacci which I cannot put down, called 'Forgotten' so I will be away in bookland! Enjoy your evening all.

Love the colors of these, Robbie, good job of photographing: I look forward each day to learning more of your Dad's awesome collection!!

Very good display. Wonderful collection he has.


fantastic is all I can say Robbiel


"9" stars...quick,jana, buy a star! :)))


To handle with care!!! It's fantastic!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Excellent have captured the saw-bar-thingy on the glass panel perfectly.........Oh look, there are also a couple of shells in the background!........


Good morning Robbie... Beautiful shell .. Thanks for sharing these..

Thank you very much Robbie, it's funny, I look out the window at the snow and forest and also admire beautiful shells between Nord Carolina and Brazil :-))


A seven star board for a ten star collection. So very beautiful, Robbie. Thanks for continuing to share things most of us will never even know exist without your postings of your Dad's collection.


They are gorgeous Robbie. Thank you.


Thank you, Robbie for showing these beautiful shells from your Dads collection, I know I would never get to see, if it wern't for your posting.


Amazing collection you and your dad have . Some of the shells I have never seen before.
Thank you Robbie:-)


Wow, two in one, wonderful prize! Thanks Robbie, it's gorgeous!...Monica


Another beauty Robbie - two for the price of one!! Bonus! Thanks.


What great shells that most have never seen. Thank you for showing them and thank your father for his hard work.


Hi Leet, thanks very much.

It is a pleasure to see the beautiful things your father collected! Thank you for sharing.


Hello squire, I see you are your usual dashing self!! Beautiful nature is right mate, thanks.

Hi lyndee, thanks, they are actually white but the light and my poor use of camera gives them the yellow hue, thanks.

Wow Trish, yes they do look like that and squire agrees! All the shells I am showing are from my dad's collection. I'll try and show all 12,000 of them over the next 3,000 days!!.......(Yeah right!!) Thanks.


I had the same impression, trish, like a Chinese parade dragon!


looks very happy, like a clam, almost like a dancing dragon in a chinese new year parade! ;)
you are an amazing collector Robbiel, thanks for sharing these!


Beautiful yellow creature. Thanks.


WOW! Spectacular, creepy, beautiful nature. Thanks, kiddo!